Thursday, September 30, 2010


This is the hat I made for Connor.  Since he and Jaden live in Boise, and have always had season tickets to BSU...I thought they would enjoy the Blue and Orange.  Hopefully they will anyway.

This one is for Jaden.  I know my granddaughters here are loving these hats, so I thought they might too.
We had season tickets to the BSU games for about five years, but last year due to the increased games during the week, and the price of the tickets going up so much, we decided to give them up.  Saturday night when we were watching them play Oregon , we were sure wishing we were there in person.  It just doesn't seem the same on TV.  Even though I get excited and scream and cheer...I miss actually being there  with the crowd screaming and blowing horns and booing...I didn't really like that part...but, there's nothing like the spirit at the real game.  Plus, we really miss seeing all the couples that we tailgated with.  There were about ten couples that always came, and we miss that part of it.  Darin called on his way home from the game to tell us that he really missed having us there also.  That was nice of him. 
This Saturday it's New Mexico...there.  They announced on the news this morning that Sports Illustrated will feature the BSU Bronco's on their front cover this week.  It came out today, but when I checked at WalMart, they said it would be Friday before they got it.

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