Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Challenge #9 for retreat

The challenge this time was to use 1 stamp set to make at least 3 different cars or layouts.  We were to learn to make use of what we have.  I didn't have much trouble doing this challenge.  I have a million stamps, and the hard part was picking a set to use.  I finally settled on this one, because it's been one of my favorites and it's easy to get different looks.  Again...used fronts that I already had made up and just colored things to work with them.  I really like all of these.

It's pretty amazing how different they all looks just by using different color schemes and rearranging the very same stamps.  I forget to do this more often...I usually like buying "new" stuff!  That way my drawers and closets are stuffed to the brim with things I don't use...sound the least bit familiar?

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