Monday, April 29, 2013

Project Life Week 12

I have these totally out of order...this is page 2, below is the two page spread, and below 1.  Yeah.  I'm really with it.
This was the week that we had a retirement dinner for Jeff and the employees in Twin Falls on Thursday night, his retirement party/luncheon on Friday at work, and then we got up early and drove to SLC for Chris's robotics competition on a blizzard I might add.  It was a super busy week.  But so worth it!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project Life Week 11 and another layout

I'm getting caught up on posting my Project Life...I did week 17 this morning.  Right on time.  Didn't really have very many photos this week, and I saved the tickets from the Bar-J Wrangler concert we went to last night to use....then washed and dried them.  Real bright huh?  Jeff & I went to a Grandparents day program at Rupert Elementary, and I forgot to take my camera.  I did get a program I could include though.  Not doing real well.  I promise myself...I will take more photos this week.

This is another layout I finished after the retreat in October, and I'm finally getting some of those posted again.  Jeff's parents like to go 4-wheeling with us, and his brother Steve loves to come up and spend time with us.  This was over labor day, and we went up to Arco again.  We fixed chicken fijata's and salsa with chips, and Spanish rice and a salad.  I also made a raspberry cream cheese pie.  I think everyone really liked it!

This cave is on the way back from Iron Bog, and I've always wanted to stop and explore it, and this time Steve pulled off and we did.  He was brave enough to crawl in it, but I wasn't.  I don't like things like that.  Just looking in is enough for me.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Project Life Week 10

Jeff and I drove up to Drigg's to visit his uncle whose health hasn't been real good.  We went through Soda and into Driggs/Tetonia.  Jeff went to school in Tetonia and while he was filling the pickup with gas, I took photos of the school, the church he attended, and the mountains that he could look at every day.  He loves the Tetons. 

Layout- graduation and two weddings

Friday, April 26, 2013

Layout of Christmas quilts and my surgery

This is a layout that  I actually started at the retreat last October and finished at home later.  I will be sharing a few of these for awhile as I never had posted them before.  This year, I cooked a lot, so I didn't really get much of a chance to scrap.  I did visit with people more than usual though, which I just loved.

This side of the layout was the little quilts that I made all the girls when we went shopping before Christmas.  Robin and I had picked out the fabric and I had told her I'd make one for her....instead I ended up making about 10 of them.  That was crazy.... why do I always start these projects!

They were really cute though.
This side of the layout was actually in January after that Christmas.  I had carpel tunnel surgery on both wrists at the same time.  I also had the staple taken out of my knee from my ACL surgery.  Whenever I kneeled down it would hurt, and I thought it was working it's way out.  But, Dr. Crane said I just didn't have enough "fat" to cover it up well.  He told Jeff he had a terrible time getting it out.  He stood on a stool with vise grips on it, and hit it with a hammer to try and work it loose.  I'm glad I was out for that part of it.  The nurse came out and told Jeff that I said I LOVED Demarol.  I don't remember that at all...makes me wonder what else I said.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

More thank you cards for Jeff

Most of these cards were made with fronts that I had already pieced together from scraps.  I have way more pinks than anything, so I had to go through them and try to find colors and patterns that would work for men.  I didn't think they were too bad.  I always rely on my moose/elk/bear and the motorcycles.  I'm not sure why they don't make more stamps for men.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Project Life week 9 and more thank you cards for Jeff

Here's my week #9.  It was a pretty fun week...

I didn't get enough thank you cards made for Jeff (24) before, so I made another 24-25.  Lost track of just how many I made.  I thought they turned out okay.  He still hasn't written the notes in them though.  When I mailed them before, one of our specialist asked why I wrote his thank you notes for him...I said I didn't.  Jeff's handwriting is so nice that he didn't think Jeff had written it.  Jeff said when he moved here from Driggs in the 7th grade, his teacher made them do almost nothing but practice writing for the first several weeks of school because she didn't think she could read anyone's writing.  I guess that explains why his writing is so nice.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Life Week 7 and 8

Week 7.  Sally is taking sewing lessons and I had to have photos of that.  And look at the gorgeous sunset.  Idaho has some of the best.  And I attended Lindsay's senior night in Gooding.  And isn't that G-Grandson a cutie? 

Week 8.  Yes, I'm caught up and I'll be showing a couple of these a day until you are caught up with me. 
Today was actually half way least I only had to wear a jacket, not my winter coat.  No snow either...

Project Life Week 5 and 6

Week 5 of Project Life.  As you can see, I'm working on getting caught up.  Actually...this morning I'm caught up.  I just finished week 16 and started making notes for week 17....this week!
It snowed again yesterday.  The 22nd of April and this morning it's a chilly 27 degrees.  Glad I haven't planted anything outside yet.  It's crazy.  Where's that global warming when you need it?

Week 6....below.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter cards, men's cards, and Project Life Week 4

I try to make Easter cards to send to all our family.  Some of them are close and we see them, but a lot of them are further away and we don't see them on all the holidays, so I make cards to send them.
I usually make about 15 or so.

More men's cards.  I got this paper in SLC when Mom and I were down there and it didn't take a lot of stuff to fill in.

I made buckets with pedicure stuff in it for the ladies I go VT to.  The tag says: "Put some SPRING in your step".  Hope they enjoyed it.

A men's card for work. 

My week #4 of Project Life.  I'm just loving it.