Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jeff's parents and Arlo and Pat

We took Jeff's parents (Vern & Reta) to Driggs for Memorial Day, and at the Bates Cemetery, we ran into Vern's brother Arlo and his wife Pat.  They live north of Rexburg, and we just happened to meet up.  Arlo isn't doing very well.  He and Pat are both on oxygen, and Arlo's kidney's are shutting down.  It was great to visit with them for awhile.
I happened to get a "new" project while we were talking to them.  Reta and Pat both thought Jeff's Grandma Wood was a great cook, and they each have a few recipes from her.  It was decided that I would make a book...with her recipes, so I'm in the process of collecting what I can find.  Reta gave me several and Pat has sent some now.  I guess Susan has a cook book that her Grandmother gave her when she was young (from their ward I'm assuming) and it has some of her recipes also.  Susan is going to copy them and send them to me, so...another project in the making!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Retreat "chop"

 Our theme for the spring retreat was:  The Scrappin' Games, and Danelle put together some really fun games.  We played Price is Right to narrow the group down to four to play Jeopardy....Loser's of the price is right got to play Pinkco for gifts and prizes.  Then on to Scrapbook Jeopardy.  I must say it was very hard!  Danelle might have known some of this stuff, but for the most part...none of the rest of us did.  Marcy Knopp did end up winning it, and received a Project Life album, page protectors, and a beginner's kit.  I think she was happy with that.
The next evening, we drew names to make four teams...that was fun because it mixed everyone up instead of the same groups we tend to hang out with.  Then we played "chop".  Each team was given a bag with the same type of things in it, and they had to make a project or scrapbooking page out of the products...and they had to use some of every they could use anything they brought themselves.  The first four groups all made a gift bag.  That was unique, because we really hadn't even thought about them using the bag we put the stuff in...  All four bags were just darling, and it was hard to decide which team would be eliminated.  Finally, we did eliminate one team, and that is the 4th photo.
The first photo is the team that ended up placing first, and they each got a $25.00 gift card to Michael's.  We hope everyone felt like it was fun and the prizes were worthwhile.  We had fun, but it was extremely hard to judge.  First place made a pin cushion with some pins, beads, fabric, lace....
Second place team used their fabric to make a little skirt and headband for the baby girl...our only one about hard to decide. 

This second place team is also showing the kite and box they made to get into the final challenge.  It was so dang cute. 
Third place did an excellent job also, and like I was VERY hard to judge these.  Every team made such cute, original items....One of my favorite retreats.

They weren't really "losers"....they are just being funny and sad....

Cupcakes that Janell gave us with our welcome bags. Aren't they just beautiful?  And they were in the cutest boxes.  Thanks Shelly Johnson for giving us a good start on them and the idea!

Mikayla worked on making some magnetic (cookie sheet) boards that were just so cute....loved them.

I worked on Project Life....actually did 16 weeks worth up there.  I had all the photos printed and trimmed to size so it didn't really take very long.  I was actually organized for a change...LOL

We rent a U haul to take our stuff up in, and this is the back end before we started unloading everything.  It's fun though, because we usually have 4-5 of us ride together that way.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Janell borrowed an apron from Mom's house awhile ago, and she had to show it to me.  Check out Stephanie's feet and hands at age two, and Jason's footprints and handprints at age two months...Now that's retro.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Marcy's retirement gift to me

Isn't this just the cutest, most clever thing you've ever seen?  I was so thrilled with it.  I kept it laying on my craft table for a long time before I would take it apart.  I did take lots of photos though so I could remember it.  Thanks was awesome!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May exchange card #3

As you probably already know...I love these friends stamps.  And I thought the saying was so cute too.  It didn't actually come with this stamp set, but I thought it fit!  And who wouldn't want to get to 110....pounds.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May exchange card #2

I have always loved this little "beetle" car.  I thought the background paper looked great with it also.  I put glitter on the headlights...not sure that shows up in the photos, but it looked cute.