Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

We went to Boise a couple of weekend ago to watch Connor and Jaden play.  Jaden got sick during the week though, and didn't get to play on Saturday, but we did watch Connor.  He wears these bright yellow shoes, so it was pretty easy to photograph him.  I just watched for those yellow shoes to show up in my frame and snapped away.
The teams all have little "cheerleaders".  Darin said football has become VERY popular in Boise, probably in large part from the popularity of BSU.  He said this year they have 2500 kids playing football, and over 200 cheerleaders.  Amazing.
Darin is the defensive coach for Connor's team, and his brother-in-law helps him.  That's pretty cool. The day we watched, Connor's team played very well and won by 36-6 or something close to that.  The boys were all pretty jacked about it.
The parents and spectators make a tunnel, and the kids love running through it for applause and pats on the back for a job well done.
Connor plays with the boys (and one girl) that are a year older than him since he's a pretty good size boy.  I guess that's not surprising when you look at Jeff's shoulders and Darin's.  I think he comes by it pretty naturally.  He's such a cute kid with a fantastic grin.

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