Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hat's Layout

Sorry.  I didn't take time to edit these, so you're seeing the carpet in my scrap room.  I just haven't loaded my Adobe yet.  This is a layout that I had ready to do at the retreat, but didn't get around to it.  Right now I'm really proud of myself, because I've finished every kit that was in my box for the retreat. Now...I just need to get them put in my album!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My new quilt top

This is the fabric I picked for my new quilt top I am making.  I have it completed now, except for pressing it and making sure the back fits the front.  When I get that laid out, I'll take a photo of the pieces all put together.  These are photos of the fabric, and the bottom two are the blocks.  You used a 9-patch, then the square with-in a square, then a 9-patch, and so on.  Then I put borders around it, and the brown flannel with the polka dots is the back.  I think it's going to be very pretty.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


After Christmas, I wasn't sure that any of the girls liked the scarves I had made for Christmas, but Mikayla and Braquel both asked me if I would make them a black and white scarf.  So, I made each of them one.  Braquel wore hers to work one day with a black pea coat, and it looked so cute.  I loved it.  Recently, she & Keven told me they had stopped at the KOA for something, and Qel was wearing it.  The lady that runs it wanted to know where she got it, and when Keven told her that her Grandma had made it, she told him to have me bring some in because she was sure she could sell Jeff thinks I should do it.  I've just had so much fun making them...I just might.  That is when I get done giving them away...for free.  I guess Mikayla has a red coat that she wears hers with...I haven't seen it yet though.  It is very hard to find the yarn WalMart, they've even started putting the yarn in RFID'd boxes because they've had so much theft. that crazy or what?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Spokane Trip

 Ok...Robin shamed me into finally taking time to figure out how to download my photos and start posting a few things on my blog wasn't as hard as I thought it might be.  The above two photos are in a little town going towards Spokane...I can't even remember the name of it.  I'm going to have to get the map out and figure it out.  Something that ended in "ville"...
Anyway, it was really cool.  It was Saturday morning, and we had spent Friday night in Pasco.  Weather was fine.  Then we hit snow on the way up...not bad.  This town looked pretty quaint when we pulled in to get gas, so we drove through it.  I remembered I needed a curling iron and some mousse, so we stopped.  They were having their "shop with a cop"...and evidently the Walgreen's we stopped at was the only shopping place in town.  But, it was pretty cool.  On the way back home on Sunday, we stopped in this town and ate breakfast.

These two photos are in the Davenport, the UPPPP scale hotel we stayed at.  Our division has had a Christmas party for managers here for a few years.  Since this was Jeff's last year, we thought we should attend.  It is so just can't believe it.  The gingerbread houses are their "Festival of Trees" is rather interesting although this was about the poorest year I've seen.  Still, it's different and fun.  The theme was Super Hero's and there were some pretty cool houses.
When we left our party, it was snowing very hard, and we were a little worried about the drive we should have been.  From Spokane to Pasco wasn't too good.  Then it cleared up and we thought it would be okay.  But from Pendleton to Boise was a nightmare.  The Blues had very heavy snow, and all trucks had to pull over and put chains on.  It was a one lane road, and we had pretty much had it by the time we finally got into Boise, so we just spent the night there and came home on Monday.  It was a great time though.
The division manager had everyone tell their favorite Christmas.  Jeff said it was the first year we held it in our new home...before we even moved in.  We had drop cloths on the floor and the kids had fun playing in the cabinet bases...and getting covered in sawdust.  But we had a tree and had room for everyone to enjoy themselves.  He loves all the kids and grandkids and is so proud of them all.  I was thrilled that he had that memory to share.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm back

Just a note to let all of you know that I've been without a computer for.....forever.  At least it seems like it, but today I have spent about 8 hours trying to get everything back up and running.  I at least have the monitor working, a NEW printer...because my older, wide-format printer won't work with the NEW computer...I even set up my old scanner.  Downloading new driver and software, far...I still can't get it to work.
I'm going to get rid of my BossKut.  I think I've used it about two times.  Never could really get it going, and since I have a circuit...I'm about to just give up and try to  I thought it would be so much fun because you can cut from your computer and not have to buy all the cartridges.  But, I just couldn't get it together I guess.
This computer is Window's 8 and it's wayyyyy different.  I sure hope I get used to it and can figure everything out.  Wish me luck.
I'll start posting a lot of projects and photos that I've been taking for the past month or so.