Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My exchange cards, and my new pet

This is my new cat. We got it from Janell. It was supposed to be Ryan's, but he neve has moved into an apartment where he could keep it. His name is Callen, and he is sooo loving. And I just love black & white cats. So I'm happy, but Jeff isn't thrilled, and Callen isn't thrilled. At Janell's he got to stay in the house...not so at ours. He misses all the attention he got from the Ahern's.

I got the idea for the above two cards from the CTMH catalog, but used SU stamps. I thought they turned out rather pretty.

I made these designs up all by myself...I like red/black/white combinations, and thought this one turned out okay. The one above is a 5x5 and I reallly liked it.
Have a great Tuesday...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Holy cow...it's almost the end of January already

We've had fog for a week now, and the only good thing about it is how beautiful everything looks covered in frost. This tree is in my mother's yard, and always looks beautiful no matter what season it is. She thought it was dying, but she had an arborist come and look at it. He told her it was probably 120 years old, and 18 feet around...a record for this area. And...it isn't really dying. At least not yet.
Sorry. I just keep uploading these without correcting the direction they go. This photo is of Treven in January. Danelle and I got Traci's three girls to give them their Christmas gifts. We went to McDonald's for lunch. This ribbon was off a package, and Treven thought it made him a Ninja. Boy, do I love that kids imagination. He's awesome.

Jeff's parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on the 18th of December. They don't even look old enough for that do they?

This picture is from our Wood family party. We held it at our home this year, and had almost everyone there. It was actually kind of fun. This is upstairs where we ate.
I can't believe how fast time is going by. The month of January is almost gone and I haven't accomplished my goal to dress all those porcelain dolls laying on my craft table yet. Jeff's mother helped the girls and I make them ...hate to admit it, but several years ago. I found them on shelves in my closet when I was cleaning a month or so ago, and thought I'd finally dress them and give them to the girls for Christmas...surprise...maybe 2009. Anyway, it became my goal for January, and I only have a week and a half left. Yikes!
I'm also going to include a couple of photo's from January. I really wish I had started the challenge to take a photo every day of the year, but...I didn't. I may have to make it a month of photo's instead and see how I do.

Boy, I need help. I just added Treven's picture above the December ones...sorry. I'm going to get the hang of this yet.