Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finally- a few photos

These are just a few of the cookies that Danelle and the girls and I made before Christmas. It was so much fun having them come down to bake and make candy. We all filled several plates to give to neighbors and friends.

These are just a couple of spots that show some of my decorations. I love our rock fireplace wall, and enjoy putting greenry up there and lights to show it off. The old window is on top of my kitchen cabinets and I love it. It came from my parents...

This was Sally and Reta dipping chocolates at Jason & Sally's home the first weekend of December. We had sooo much fun. Sally thinks she's pretty special getting to learn candy making from such experts as my mother and Reta.

This is an old window (again from my mom's) that I cut vinyl lettering for and made the wreath. We donated it to the Rupert Sharing and Caring. A man that works with Janell at Farm Bureau actually bought it, so that was pretty cool.
I'll load more as soon as WalMart gets their machine working again so I can pick up my CD...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am so sorry.

I learned last night, that my daughter-in-law, Robin, lost her father this weekend. I am sure she is devastated as they lived very close to each other and she worked for his insurance agency. My heart just goes out for her. I'm sure she will be lost without him, and I know her boys will have a hard time because they spent so much time with her dad also. When you are a single parent trying to raise a couple of boys, it's nice to have your father close to help when you need it. Not that she needed a ton of help, she's pretty independent. But just knowing you have that support and available help is reassuring. Robin...I love you, and want you to know that you'll always be a part of my family. Please let us know what we can do to help you through this time and forever!
My prayers are with you.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow...and wind

We always have wind in our area, but when we get snow and wind, it's never good. On Christmas Eve, we got both. Our kids were lucky to make it out. Christmas morning, Jeff and I had promised to deliver a Christmas gift that our grandkids had bought for their parents clear back in July. We had it in one of our basement bedrooms, covered with a big quilt. We loaded it up on Christmas Eve...I broke the tree stand on my basement tree trying to move it so we could bring it up the stairs in back. So I had to lay the tree down and just leave it. The wind and snow were terrible, but we got it out there, covered in my pickup, then backed into the shop so we were ready to go the next morning. We were really wondering whether to try going to Albion or not Christmas morning (in the dark), but Jeff felt like we couldn't disappoint the kids. So we thought our best bet would be that state the north of us. Terrible. Cars off the road, and I noticed something in front of us through the clouds of snow...we were really hitting them trying to break through...a white our lane...just flashers, no park lights, nothing! We were so lucky that I happened to notice it. Anyway, with every drift, we were thinking...we should turn around and get home while we can...but kept going. When we finally made it to Burley, it was much easier the rest of the way. It was so much fun to see the Jone's family open all their gifts. Thanks for letting us be a part of that.
My mother fixed Christmas dinner, but only about half the people showed up. Too much snow. Friday was awful also, but finally on Saturday the snowplows came by. Our 4-wheeler with the blade and chains on the back tires worked wonderfully though. Had an awesome Christmas. Thanks to everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays

Just a quick Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's. I have pics to upload, but just didn't bring the CD to work. Maybe tomorrow.
As most of you know, I only have dial-up at home, so do all this type of stuff before or after work. Today we're so slow, I thought I'd just do it real quick.
I'll try to bring some photos for tomorrow, and write a little more in detail how my holiday preparations have been going.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's a mouse!

Okay, no picture for this story, but thought you all might get a kick out of it. I've only told a couple of people, and they die
Last Saturday, as I mentioned in my post, my mother, Jeff's mom, and I went to Sally's house and dipped our homemade chocolates, made English Toffe, maple candied walnuts, 2 types of fudge, 2 types of bark, chocolate covered popcorn,etc,etc,. I had a box with my dipping chocolate, the papers for the peanut clusters, etc....when I came home it was after 7:00, and I went to set the box full of the stuff we didn't use in my pantry, and saw a mouse! We've never had a mouse in our house since we built it seven years ago! So I'm freaking out...we didn't even have a mouse trap. So I ran down to my mom's and got one. We set it, and everytime I had to open the door I'd be afraid and just peek in until I saw we hadn't caught one. By Sunday morning, when we still didn't have one, I was really starting to get bugged. We ran to town and bought more traps, some of those bars...which we put in the shop, garage, and hay shed. We figured the mouse must have come into the garage and then into the house while we had the door open carrying stuff out. No mouse still Sunday. On mouse at lunch time, so after work when we still didn't have one, I decided to tear into it and just get it cleaned and find the dang thing! Well, as I cleaned, I couldn't believe mouse droppings, no nibbles on anything...guess what I did find though...a roll of the brown paper cups had fallen out of the box, rolled across the floor, and I just saw the movement and thought it was a MOUSE!
Jeff said..."We did all that for a piece of paper?"
Well, paper is better than a mouse!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here's some pics from Nashville and our shopping trip to Boise

This is Kylie in her car seat while we were going shopping in Boise
Sorry...forgot to change directions. This is inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort. They put up millions of lights for Christmas, and the whole thing is enclosed like an atrium. It was soooo beautiful. Loved it there.

One of their Christmas trees that were lit up for the Holidays. They have water falls everywhere, and everything is so gorgeous. It's hard to imagine the time and money they must spend on decorations.

This was taken in Ryman Auditorium. I can remember seeing this backdrop while my dad watched the Grand Ole Opry. It was pretty cool! This was originally a church...which held over 6000 people. Bigger than any church I've been to before, including Winchester Abby in London.

I promised I would upload some photos from my trip to Nashville, and finally got some pics saved for it. In the meantime, the girls and I took our annual shopping trip to Boise. We didn't think Sally was going to make it (with the new baby and all), but she just brought Kylie along with us. I could not believe how good she was. All and out of the car...and she never cried one bit. It was great fun, and I did manage to get a couple of names off my list. It's always nice going with the girls, because they have ideas for the kids. Just not nearly enough of them!

I'm still working on that list, but it has gone down a wee bit!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Festival of Trees

Friday night, Whitney danced at the Festival of Trees. She looked so cute. Sally had a friend come over and fix her hair all up, and they put make up on...eye liner and everything. She was really proud too.

On Saturday, I had to find 4 other ladies to help me work at the Festival of Trees, so thank heavens for family. Margene (my sister) and Ashley Johnson (my niece), Janell (my sister) and Danelle (my daughter) all came to help me out.

Afterwards, Sally, my mother, Jeff's mother, and myself spent all afternoon and into the evening dipping chocolates and making candy. Yummmmm.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Country Music Hall of Fame

Today, I took a shuttle downtown to see Rayman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame, Wild Horse Saloon, and Hard Rock Cafe. Very cool. It was cold and a little windy , so I was certainly glad I wore my sweatshirt. I walked all over and then caught the shuttle back. I took the tour at Rayman Auditorium which was neat. I recognized the seats and the backdrop from watching the Grand Ole Opry when my father was still alive. I took the backstage tour, which included the dressing rooms and make-up rooms of the stars. Lots of stories were told by the guide who had worked there for 34+ years. He knew all these stars and told us what ones were very nice, and what ones were too drunk to walk on stage or was pretty cool! I totally loved it. Tomorrow morning we catch our plane at 6:00 a.m. so it will be a short night I'm afraid

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nashville, TN

Opryland, beautiful, musicland, beautiful. I'm here on business, so I really haven't gotten to see much but the Gaylord Opryland, but it's wonderful. They have over 500 acres in the resort. They have their own mall for heavensakes. They start decorating for Christmas on July 2nd. There are millions of lights. Luckily they have them all turned on already too. I went out tonight and tried taking some photos, so I'll try to post them when I get back. Having a great time. Tons of people at the convention, and my feet are so tired of walking...I think I have blisters on the bottom of my feet...but I'll make it one more day. Our flight leaves at 6:00 a.m. on Friday...ugh. That's an early start. Can't wait to get back home.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you Robin

Robin and the boys came down this weekend and we had such a great time. We have the WII sit up in the spare bedroom, and the boys seemed to have a good time playing that. On Sunday morning, while Robin was showering, the boys and I started playing. I warned them...I'm not good at this. But we had a ball. We tried baseball...I can pitch, but I sure can't hit anything. Even when Chris tried to tell me when to swing. And Taylor...he would say he was going to pitch one thing, and then trick me and pitch a fast ball instead. Then we bowled several games. At least I could do that. But again...the boys beat me. It's pretty sad. I may have to start practicing at night so I can surprise them the next time they come down. Actually, it would probably be good for me. I haven't been able to move my arm for two days now it's so sore. I need the excercise.
The layout is one that Robin did for me...remember I won the three layouts from her anniversary blog? Well, she did this one for me, and I just love it. She ran the scalloped trim through my cuttlebug, which I totally would never have thought of. It's so cute. She also did two other layouts for me, which I'll try to get posted. Sorry I don't have a scanner hooked up that I could cut out the extra parts...soon...I promis.
Last night was the last class for my Photoshop class at CSI...I was really bummed. First, they used a old version (4) and that was disappointing, but mostly I was disappointed because we never got to do anything with any of our own photos. The instructor just went through what things do...but who can remember if you don't do it yourself. And when you went home, your version certainly wasn't the same, so it was hard to even practice. Help Robin...come for another weekend and teach me Photoshop...please...please

Monday, October 27, 2008


Wow...a busy weekend, but sooo much fun. On Thursday night, Jeff and I went to a private party. They had prime rib roast, baked potato's, green beans, hot rolls, and dutch oven cobbler...and the Bar J Wranglers. It was awesome. After all that, the local Basin Boys jammed. They were REALLY good. What an awesome celebration...thanks Neil and crew for a great evening.
On Friday morning, Jeff and Dad loaded up horses and gear, and headed for the hills and the yearly elk hunting trip. I joke about how much it costs...horses, feed for them and grub for the guys, the 3/4 ton pickup to pull that big horse trailer that cost plenty, studded snow tires, a saddle, a bridle, etc. etc. etc. But in the end, it's just like the MC commercial..."Time with Dad...priceless". Jeff loves hearing all the stories of when Vern was young. I wish he could record them, because at 84 I'm not sure how much longer he'll be going hunting and horse back riding with Jeff. I had a call from Jeff last night...they haven't even seen a track yet. BUT...they've seen a pack of wolves...which means they probably won't see anything. But...don't get me started on the wolf problem here in Idaho.
Friday night we held our family "Craft Party". Thanks to the Johnson's for some great projects and for hosting it at their home. We made five different projects and had some awesome food. We all seemed to really enjoy the FOOD! We made clocks, ornaments, a rag quilted wall hanging, paper purses, and a birthday envie calendar. Great fun getting together with the girls.
On Saturday we made a pilgrimage to Minico's huge Craft Fair. It's one of the best. I didn't find much that I couldn't live without, but Marcy bought some things for the NEW home...then it was Doc's pizza for lunch...yummy. Then we worked on our Advent calendars...thanks Michelle and Scrapping Girlfriends for the idea. Love it. Instead of putting things to do each day on my tags (since I don't have kids to do them) I'm digging through photos of my kids, Jeff's kids, grandkids, etc. all from Christmas's past. I'm going to mount the picture on the front, but write whatever I can remember about that Christmas or child on the rest of the tag. I have already dug out some pics and am excited about it.

At 5:00 on Saturday, Danelle & Sally put together a little family Halloween party. The kids all had a great time with the cousins. I heard that Sammy (the skunk) was "lifting his tail and (sssss) spraying everyone". Too cute.
I made taco soup and hot rolls for dinner, and then made homemade cinnamon rolls for a treat. Steph made her famous chicken /bacon wraps which was super good too. All in all it was such a fun time. Robin and the boys didn't leave till Sunday afternoon, which gave us time to play a little WII with the boys. Sorry I'm not too good at that, but they thought it was great fun to "beat" Grandma. Thanks boys for being sooo good all weekend. It was so great to see you. And "thanks" Chris for that awesome bookmark you made me.

Thanks to everyone that came and made the weekend so much fun. Can't wait for another one just like it. Except...maybe more time to do all those projects we plan and run out of time for. Namely...Photoshop help!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Snow and "Bestest Grandpa Ever"

Treven was so cute on Sunday...of course, he always is...but Jeff and Gary went out to the shop to see the new workbench that Jeff built...and is so proud of. When they came in, Treven was showing Jeff that he still has the little "leatherman" pocket knife that he gave him two or three months ago. This is the knife that he cut the badmitton nets with and got it taken away for awhile. Anyway, he showed it to Jeff, and then snuggled up beside him and said...and this will melt your heart..."You're the bestest' Grandpa Ever". Now...does that melt your heart or what? Jeff thinks it's so cool that Treven is such a little "guy" boy. He loves tools, motors, bikes, 4-wheelers, guns, handcuffs, etc. He told Grandpa that for Christmas he has a leatherman picked out at WalMart that he wants. Gary told him he couldn't have it until he was eight, so Treven started counting...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...that's ONLY 3 more years!

This is what it looked like Saturday after we had snow most of the day. They say we received anywhere from 14-18" that day. Danelle and Gary live in Albion, and they said they probably received two feet there. Their front door wouldn't even open. It was really a heavy, wet snow, so it didn't blow much. We saw trees broken because of the weight. It was beautiful...just way too early. There are farmers that had just cut their hay, had beans still in the field, lots of potato's and tons of beets still out. Hopefully this dries up and it warms up so they can finish harvesting. I've lived here nearly all my life, and I remember snow storms...even on the 4th of July...but never this much, this early. I know we need the moisture though, so I'm not going to complain too loudly.
The other thing I loved on Saturday, was watching BSU win their football game. We made pizza and watched...and hollered. I tend to scream and cheer just like I was at the game. The team is still undefeated for the season. We will be going to Boise for the Hawaii game on Friday night. I certainly hope it warms up and the snow melts before then. I understand though, that Boise didn't get anywhere near as much snow as we did. Go Bronco's.

Sunday, I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner early. I had a 22 pound turkey, that I wanted to cook so we would have turkey slices for Jeff and his dad to make sandwiches with when they go elk hunting. I knew that was huge though, so we had Danelle, Gary, and the kids, and my mother over for dinner. I cooked pies, made my salad, and prepared alot of stuff on Saturday. Then finished my rolls, potato's and corn on Sunday. It was very good. I think I'll try to have each of the families over at some point before Thanksgiving, since this is the In-law year. I get all my kids every other year on Thanksgiving...So...maybe Jeff and I will have to run the "Turkey Trot" this year. Last year, I was cooking, but Steph, David, and Jeff went and helped with sign up and taking photo's.

Friday, October 10, 2008

We are getting SNOW...

One of the ladies that retired from my workplace, called earlier this week, and we met for lunch today. It was so good to she her again. I miss her. She's just like a sister to me. We went to the Upper Crust for lunch and ...ummmm. It was super good. But, as we came out, it was beginning to spit snow. I can't believe it is soooo cold today. And my husband and my FIL went deer hunting (opening day since they didn't draw) at 5:30 this morning. I'm thinking they are probably frozen by now. I'm sure they would have snow up there. They are planning on hunting through Monday...then it's elk hunting season on the 24th for a week or so. It really doesn't bother me though...we have a family crafting party the night of the 24th, and we're going to scrapbook on the 25th. Victoria Jean is planning on coming home too, which will be nice. She hasn't scrapbooked with us for awhile now. I'm looking forward to little time with my scrapping friends.
The real news today my Gazelle finally came in. We ordered it for my birthday towards the end of June, and it just arrived. I can't wait to go home and set it up and see how it works. I'm hoping I like it as well as Danelle's Cricuit. It is pretty pink though...I'll keep you posted on how it works. It's suppose to even cut chipboard, so I'm excited!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


This weekend, it rained all night on Friday and most of the morning on Saturday. It was sort of a crappy weekend, because on Friday night we found out that we are probably going to have to put our horse down. He's gone down with Jeff a few times, so we took him to a trainer to look at, and he told us his back was out in two places. No worries, he had a lady that works on horses for that, and if they could get it back in and get it to stay, he should be fine. He had him for two weeks, and the back stayed in place, but he said his knees are going very weak. He said eventually, he would buckle and it would break his leg and throw Jeff. Now, we're not sure whether to chance riding him at all, just feed him and keep him as a pet, put even MORE money into taking him to another vet...or what. So, it was just one of those dreaded weekends. Besides that, Jeff's old (retired) boss is coming through on Wednesday, and Jeff invited him to spend the night at our home, so I spent Saturday cleaning. Not that my house is really dirty, but it was a job just getting everything vaccumed and dusted. Luckily I did my windows a week or so ago...of course since it rained they need it again, but...too bad. They aren't going to get it!
Jeff is excited to go deer hunting this weekend. His father turned 84 today, and is still going hunting with him. Even elk hunting where they ride the horses all day. This weekend they're taking the 4-wheelers. We've made several trips to Sportsman's warehouse in the last week getting everything he wanted...why do I worry about what I spend on scrapbooking? It's a drop in the bucket compared to what guns, horse trailers, horses, feed, bridles, all the gear, the pickup and diesel...etc, etc, etc. But...time with Dad....PRICELESS!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finally- scrap pics

I finally got an editing program loaded, and even figured out a little so I could post something new. Next week, my sis and I are slated to begin a community college class on Adobe Photoshop Elements. I'm excited. Maybe I'll get the hang of this stuff yet.
Well, I certainly haven't arrived yet...otherwise, I would have rotated these pictures before I imported them into here...soon...I promise I'll get better.
I went to Gooding to watch one gd play volleyball, and another gd was awesome. I took some pics, but haven't downloaded them yet. Afterwards, we all went to dinner together, which was awesome.
On Wednesday, we left work at noon and went to Boise for the BSU game. What a kick. It's always fun tailgating, wearing our orange and blue, screaming...even though BSU won 38 to 3, it was an exciting game. Loved it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scrap Fun

Last weekend was so much fun, and I just wanted to thank Robin again for getting me started on this blog. I only have dial-up internet at home, so I'm posting this at work...where we have DSL at least. Robin did take some photos with my camera...I'm really observant...I didn't know it. I thought I'd post a couple of them though. Opps...I forgot. I don't have a photo program on this computer to size them. Guess I'll have to do it another day, after I load something on my laptop. So sorry! You'll love them.
Now...I signed up for the giveaway on Robin's blog, and I'm thinking that I had better win! After all, I'm her MIL...and I love her work. I would be inspired if I had layouts that she had completed for me. She's so amazing. She just whips them out so fast and they are so dang cute.
Well, my hubby should be getting home from his golf outing tonight. He left Sunday afternoon and got to play on the Couer d'lene course, and stay in the Resort...I'm so jealous. He even had a fireplace in his cool is that?
Well, I'll try to get some pics posted tomorrow.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

These are the cards that I made for the September card exchange that my sister administrates. Sounds official doesn't it? She is a SU demonstrator, so we try to use their stamps for the main part. We have a monthly theme, and you can make whatever you want...just use stamps. It's been alot of fun, and I love being creative. I love making cards, because in a limited amount of time, I can make something creative and finish it. If you want to join the exchange, it's easy. You can make up to 5 sets (each set is pretty made pretty much alike), put them with envies, and turn them in. It's fun to see the ideas people come up with. Check it out.

New grand baby

This is my newest grandbaby Kylee Mae, born in July. She is the sweetest and looks just like her big brother Sam. This was on her blessing day, and I made the dress for her big sister Ivy, when she was blessed almost 12 years ago. Each of Jason & Sally's girls have worn the dress for their blessing's, plus Sally's sister has used it twice also. It's one of those frilly, lacy tricot dresses, and it makes me very proud that she is still using it.

Jason & Sally had a dinner after their church, but I was the only one from my family that made it. It isn't that I don't like Sally's family,because I certainly do, but it was strange not to have my own kids and grandkids there. But, most of them were out of town that day. Gotta love grandkids. I know I do.


HI! welcome!! I finally have a blog! Make sure to book mark it!

This weekend I am in IF for a family scrapping crop, with my daughters and daughter in law. We have shopped, ate, scrapped and giggled. Oh then we shopped some more. Marci brought us all a projects to do! Amazingly cute blocks that spell out Fall. She provided the blocks, paint, the star and the embelishments! Thanks Marci!

Try this yourself!!