Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lindsay's Homecoming

Lindsay was nominated as a Homecoming attendant for the Sophomore class in Gooding, and Steph invited us down for the game and to see half time when they would announce the winners.  They had to find a car to ride in the parade with, and they were trying to figure out where they could find a convertible, when Lindsay remembered seeing Gary's new BMW convertible on Danelle's blog.  Danelle said when they called, she wasn't sure Gary would go for that, but he said she could take it down.  Lindsay was pretty excited about it.  I didn't get to go to the parade, but hopefully Danelle will post some photos of that.  Mikayla went with her and helped Lindsay do her hair and get ready.  Steph said everyone was holloring..."nice car...can I drive that?"  "wow...super car"  Gary would have been proud.  The game was against Glenns Ferry, and they played pretty well.  I think it was tied at half time, but they eventually won...barely.  Glenns Ferry was almost to the goal line at the end of the game, and if they had scored...they would have won.  But, Gooding held them and got the ball back and just had to kneel down to win.  At half time, they brought out the four class floats and announced the winners.  The above photo is the Sophomore class float, and they took second.  The Sophomore's beat the Juniors in everything.  They took 2nd on the weeks events also.
 I took my camera, but let Steph take it down on the field to take the photos.  Just before half time, I look at the moon coming up.  When Steph came back from taking pictures, she said...oh I forgot to get the moon in them, but if you look...she got it!  Steph said she took Lindsay to Boise shopping for a dress, and was very proud of herself...she didn't look at the price of them.  Just let her find what she wanted.  One of her very good friends was also nominated, and Steph said she figured they would split their votes, and the other girl would win...and that's just what happened.  But Lindsay said she was totally fine with it, that it had been alot of fun anyway.  She stayed for the dance, and when I talked to Steph on Saturday, she said Lindsay was excited because everything had been so much fun...even the dance.  Congrats Linds.  We love you!

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