Monday, September 27, 2010

In August, Danelle held a birthday party for Treven, and invited us.  Jeff was gone for the day, but I went up...and got stopped by a policman in Declo...I'm about to quit driving to Albion!  Anyway...I digress...They had a pirate theme, and I was surprised that ALL the kids came dressed in something  for the theme.  Gary filled water balloons forever, and Brogan, myself, and another mom tied them.  About 200 in all.  Danelle split them between a couple of coolers and one of the games was to divide in teams and throw them at each other.  For the most part, no one wanted to get close enough to get wet, so it was just balloons popping on the ground.  Even Ellie thought it was great fun.
Gary roasted hot dogs for lunch, and they each picked a bag of chips.  Danelle had made some salads, and Treven had a treasure hunt to find his big gift from mom & dad.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it.  On the table were treat bags for each kid.  Whitney was the only girl there, but she didn't seem to mind.
Jeff and I gave Treven a target since Braquel and Keven gave him a bow & arrow.  When we were up there a few Sunday's ago, Jeff was showing Treven how to pull the bow back and aim, and he started hitting the target every time.  He always pays attention and listens and then does.  He shot until his arm started to shake from the strain of pulling it back.

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