Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hi...another day in "snowy" Idaho. We had huge flakes of snow this morning along with high winds. Is it the end of April or not? It sure doesn't act like it. But, that's Idaho.
Braquel called last night and invited us to come to the Declo high school tonight for an open house, where all the seniors displayed their projects. That was really interesting. They had all done an incredible amount of work on them. Each had their own subject, and most had laptops with video's, each had a notebook full of information they had collected, and some kind of poster or display. It was well worth our time. Braquel had done an excellent job. Her's was on child abuse, and because it's such a personal issue, she had a hard time talking about it without crying. On Monday they present it to five judges. I guess they pick five kids and they are eligibile for scholarships. It was really cool.
Mom and Doris met us at work and rode out to Declo with us. Then Jeff offered to take us all to dinner, so we ate at Perkins. Tomorrow morning is Doris's surgery, so she couldn't eat much, but it was very sweet of Jeff to take us all. He's a keeper!
The layout above is almost the last one for my 2008-2009 books. The right hand page is several photos layered so I didn't have to crop them so much. It was a 4-wheeling trip that Jeff and his brothers took to Boulder City, above SunValley. It is a beautiful place. Wish I could show you each photo, because it's pretty cool. I think I have two more I did at the retreat of the family reunion, and I have a couple yet to do and that year's books will be history. I actually got a couple of layouts done for my 2009-2010 year at the retreat too. So I'm on my way with that year. If we keep holding retreats, I'm going to have to work for Stephanie or Danelle on theirs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a Tuesday...

I can't believe how fast the days go by. It seems like the weekend doesn't last long enough, and yet the weeks seem to be flying by. Is it just me, or does everyone feel like time has speeded up? I have something to be grateful for. Grandkids. What a joy they are. The weekend with Natalie here was great. She was just a joy. Braquel called last night, to make plans for a photo shoot I asked her to do for me...She is the sweetest girl ever. She has held my heart in her hands since she was just a baby. She is so busy with all her graduation plans and projects, but she found time to call me and will make time to let me do my little photo shoot of her for my final project. I'm excited about it. Each grandchild has something special about them. I could go on about them all, but I don't think they let you publish that much!

The layout above is another one I did at the retreat. It's of my nephew's wedding reception. I didn't get a ton of photos, but I loved the summery colors.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wow...what a windy weekend.

Another layout from the retreat. Kylee and Whitney's birthday last July. They had it at Sally's parents, and had a Bar-B-Q. It was pretty hot outside, but they had the jumping house from the 4th of July for the kids to play in, and they were having a ton of fun.
Kylee really wasn't interested in the gifts or anything, until she opened the doll that the Jones' brought her. She carried it around and loved it and kissed it the rest of the time. Whitney didn't care what was in the package, as much as tearing it open as fast as she could. Cute kids.
I picked Natalie up after work Friday night, and we had her until about 8:30 last night. She was sooo good. She was very polite and always willing to help us. She and I scrapbooked a page about her.."style". She went through my extra photos of her and found some that showed her "style" and then picked out a layout in a magazine. She also made two cards. She's pretty crafty. We also went to Treven's baseball game and then worked in the yard. The wind made it pretty miserable. We wanted to work outside today, but too windy again!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More photoshop fun

They held a "Rock 'N Roll" night at our church last June. It was for mother's and daughters, so I went with mom. Margene had made her granddaughters poodle skirts, and they played music from the 50's. Ashley had decorated the tables with vinyl records...remember those? They had a big rootbeer float, coke & 7-up & orange crush in big tin containers filled with ice. They served hamburgers, fries, and ice cream sundae's. It was really alot of fun. McKenzie loved the music, and really put on a dancing show for us.
This is how the photo of Steve crossing the creek ended up after photoshoping it for motion. Is that cool or what? I can't believe what you can do. Now, I'm going to look at every photo and wonder if it's real or what? I told the instructor tonight that I'd sure like to take an advanced class. There's just so much more to learn. We only have three weeks left, and I'm really going to miss it. He told me that he doesn't think the people that made the program even thought of all the ways people have used it to manipulate photos.
My sis has decided to have the surgery in Pocatello on Tuesday, so mom is going up tomorrow to spend a little time with her before Tuesday. Then she'll take her to the hospital on Tuesday and come home since she has to stay in the hospital for a week. Then she'll go pick her up and take her home and stay until she's doing better. I'm praying everything goes well for her. I worry about how hard this is on my mother too. She's 88 and I don't think she wants to go through cancer again, especially with a child. I know I'd rather go through something instead of any one of my children. I'm tired of cancer!

Are you tired?

Jeff's brother Steve sent a few of the photos he took while we were 4-wheeling this past weekend. This is up Trapper Creek as we were all taking our turns crossing. It was fairly deep. We sure had a great time.
Here's another layout I accomplished at the retreat. Are you tired of seeing them? Like I said...I'm really impressed with how much I got done. I couldn't believe I'd done so many when I started getting them out.
Went down to visit with mom last night. Did her toe nails for her and then we went up to Janell's and sorted the exchange cards. She had gotten 29 sets which is exciting. I didn't get any of my own cards back. We even had a couple of new people do it this time. It was nice.
I'm worried about my sis...she has rectal cancer, and they've already been seven weeks trying to get something scheduled. Her Dr. just doesn't call her back. He finally called last night, and said he can do it and put a bag in, or she can try getting into someone in SLC. I don't know what she's going to decided. Just keep her in your prayers for me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here's a couple more layouts from retreat

Lindsay received an academic award from President Obama last May. We told her we should burn it...just because it was signed by him...we're NOT fans. Anyway, it was pretty cool that she got it. It was also graduation day for Brittney, and everyone was pretty focused on that, so I'm afraid Lindsay got slighted a little bit. I'm really proud of her though.
This is my 2nd layout of Britt's graduation. Still have a ton of photos, but you just can't scrap them all. What a beautiful girl. I was really proud of her and her achievements. She went to CSI last fall and took the CNA course, and is working at the nursing home in Gooding right now. I hope she can make it back to take more classes and become a regular nurse. She likes working with the patients that have Alzheimer's. Go figure!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here's another layout from the retreat

This layout of Ellie is so pretty. I had actually taken this paper to do a different layout with, but when Danelle gave me these extra photos she had (at the retreat), I decided they went with this paper perfectly. The paper is glittery, and I had a hard time getting the photos to stay on the page. So much so, that when I pulled out this layout, I wondered why I'd left such a blank spot on the left hand side of the page. I put flowers there and filled it up. Then I found the photo that had fallen off when I took it out of my expanding file folder...opps.
Today was a beautiful day. Jeff took off at noon and got our hay and pasture fertilized, and he fertilized the lawn too. He also got the sprinkler system on the lawn going. He was beat when I got home. I understood...that's how I felt Saturday night. Anyway, he relaxed and I picked up all the trash along the barrow pits. I can't believe how much garbage people throw out. I guess because we live by a stop sign, and when they slow down they just throw out all the garbage. Anyway, that is picked up so he can use the beater without it cutting up cans and such. I also tried to finish the front flower bed that I had worked in on Saturday. I guess it will come together someday.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Layouts from retreat

This layout shows up a little better. Braquel is the most beautiful girl...inside and out. I'm so proud of her and all she has accomplished.

I haven't posted any of my layouts from the retreat, but I finally got some out and took some photos. I'm impressed with myself. I can't believe how many I got done. I'm only going to post one a day though...stretch out the satisfaction. This is when Braquel was elected as a Princess for her Jr. Prom. That was pretty exciting.

Yesterday Jeff went 4-wheeling with his brother and father. They didn't get home until after 6:00. I worked in the yard all day. I was so tired and my back was hurting...I jumped at the chance to just run into Paul and have a hamburger. That was nice of Jeff to offer.

Today we went 4-wheeling again. It was fun. Jeff's brother Steve and his daughter, Kara and her husband went with us. I made lunch since Reta made it for them yesterday. We went up around Oakley. I always forget how much fun it is between times.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Next photo

Here's a photo of Chelsey. I am so lucky to have such beautiful grandkids to take photos of. I can't get over how photogenic they all are. They are used to posing and smiling and even coming up with their own ideas. Love them!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mikayla's photo

Here's one of the photos that I've proofed for my portrait photos for class. I used a filter on this one and I sort of like it...I'm learning so much!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Retreat was awesome

I thought the retreat was wonderful. Had a lot of fun. I actually got quite a bit done too. Of course, not completely finished, but everything but the finishing touches...embellisments, journaling, etc. I finished almost every layout I took, and I took quite a few. I'm totally amazed at how many I got started. I'll be taking some photos and sharing them with you before too long. I want to share everything with I finish them probably.

Danelle did such a great job of the food...I'm supposed to be losing weight, but I loved everything she cooked. Hopefully we helped with the cleanup at least. She spent alot of time in the kitchen. She also tells me I'm going deaf...surprise! Guess it comes with getting old.

I went to Albion last night to try and get some portraits taken for my class. Mikayla, Chelsey, Ellie, and Treven all posed for me. Only Braquel said she was just too tired. She had to open at JB's both Saturday and Sunday morning, so I understand.

Here's one of the photos of Treven. I'll be posting more as I get them proofed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm almost packed & ready to go

Well, the time has come. I've got alot of stuff (and I mean alot of stuff) packed up and ready to go. I just need to pack some clothes and carry everything upstairs and out to the Yukon. Geez...I always say I'm going to cut down on what I take...but what if I need it? It's crazy. I know I won't use even half of it. That's sort of what I hate about going somewhere else to scrap. I just never get everything THAT organized. Sure, I have some cardstock, I have photos, I have a few embellisments...but there's so much I'm leaving home!
I can't wait...should be fun.
The guy called on our rodeo tickets, and could not get any close to each other. There were four on one side, but they were scattered all over. I don't think that would be much fun for any of us, so we told him we'd just pass. Jeff's parents were more disappointed than we are, but Jeff offered to take them for a drive Saturday and buy lunch for them, so I think they'll have a good time doing that.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Retreat time is soooo close

This is another black and white photo with spot color that I did. It's Braquel's hand, and she was holding a rose that her mother got for Valentine's day. I'm going to turn it in for extra credit in my photoshop class, because I just wasn't that thrilled with the other photo I did.
I'm excited. Only one more day to work and then I'll be headed for the retreat! I haven't even started packing anything, and it's so busy I'm not sure when I'll get it done either. Maybe at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning and again Thursday morning before I leave.
Tonight we went to pick up our tickets for the Dodge National finals rodeo...and somehow the guy didn't get the tickets right. We were supposed to get four for the afternoon and eight for the evening performance. He had six for the afternoon and four for the evening...bummer. Anyway, he kept the two extra afternoon tickets, and he's going to try and get four more for the evening tomorrow. I personally don't think he'll be able to pull it off. So, we'll give our evening tickets to Roger & Darena, and if he can't get us tickets, I guess we won't be going. I'm disappointed, but...what do you do? So, it may not be a problem going to the retreat and meeting up with Jeff & his parents Saturday afternoon somewhere...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yesterday we had a family get together for Easter. I cooked a ham and made a relish tray, chips, and hot rolls. The girls all brought salads. I also made a blueberry and a raspberry cream cheese pie, but we were all so full we didn't even eat them. It was really good and super nice to get together again. We hadn't all been together since Christmas...that I remember anyway. It was fun for the kids to have an easter egg hunt...even in the 2" of snow we had yesterday morning when we got up. We had snow drifts down our fence line. Can you believe it? Mom and Jeff's parents came also. After we all cleaned up, we put in the "Let's Dance" Wii game. What a blast. I was just sweating from all the dance moves. I think I lost every game though. Lindsay and Brooke won alot just because they play it all the time. Braquel and Mikayla were super good for never having done it before. I'm thinking I need to buy that game just to get some excercise. It was a great workout. The kids sure like getting together.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Cards for the Exchange

I've had my April cards made for a couple of months now. I knew with the retreat coming up so early in the month, I'd have to be organized and have them finished before we went. Otherwise, I wasn't sure when I'd get them made. they are. We had a sketch we were to follow, but that was the only requirement.