Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few more Grinch photos

 The Ahern family.  Janell was excited because all of her kids were actually home for Christmas this year with their spouse our soon to be spouses.  She said they were up WAY late playing games and enjoying each other.
 We were excited that Taylor and Christopher got to come this year.  I know it must be hard for Robin, but we sure love having them with us.  Taylor even let us take a few photos...
 Dave was so good as the "grinch".  Steph kept telling him he had to ham it up and be bigger than life.  Some kids loved him, while others were afraid of him.  This kid doesn't seem to mind him though.
 I couldn't believe Mikayla actually did her hair like this.  She said they put a bottle in the middle and then pulled her hair all up around it.  It was amazing...
We had a great time.  After the party, we all came back to our house to open gifts.  The kids are so good about waiting, because we only open one gift at a time so we can all see what everyone is getting.  Love our family.  They are all awesome.

Thanks Darla

I was so excited to get a text from Darla, telling me that the hats I made for her daughters and her exchange student were a big hit.  Check the photos out on Darla's blog.  Just click on her link- Test Your Limits below.  Love the photos.


On Christmas Eve, Danelle told me that Ellie thought they were coming to my house.  Danelle kept telling her, "later".  But when they drove by, she said Ellie was really upset that they didn't stop at my house.  That just melts my heart.  She is just the cutest thing.  She was all dressed up for the Holiday in a pretty little velvet dress.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve Party

Just a few of the photos that we ended up taking on Christmas Eve.  The bottom one is of Brooks and his mother...we were so excited that people came dressed in costumes.  A big thank you to the Stapelman family especially.  They went above and beyond.  It was sooo much fun!
We ate our "beast feast" of pulled pork, hot rolls, salads, and potato's.  For dessert everyone brought homemade candy or treats.  We played games...toss the ring, toss the garbage, sack races, etc while we took photos of everyone with the Mayor (Jason) Martha May (Danelle) Cindy Lou Who (Lindsay) and The Grinch (Dave).  I thought he was wonderful!
I'll post more photos and tell you more about the party another day.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Tree

I saw Merlynn's post with the low light photography, and wanted to try it.  Mine didn't turn out nearly as well as her's, so I'm going to have to keep working on it.  But, this shows the tree in my living room.  I bought it a year ago, and it's about 9' tall, prelit, and I love it.  It's very heavy though.  It comes in four pieces, and Mikayla is pretty good it getting it put up and she did the decorating for me also.   The day we were making candy for the Jones', it was funny, because the sun coming through the windows were hitting that red, disco looking ball, and making bright red spots all over the living room wall.  It's the weirdest thing!
 I think we're pretty much ready for our party tonight.  I've been gathering up decorations, tablecloths, the plates, cups, napkins, etc.  Should be super fun!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Here's a couple of baskets that I filled.  One for Cinda, my niece who gives us awesome family haircuts all year, and one for Ila, a super good friend that used to work with me.  They are aprons with cake mixes...I even got these papered up with the sprinkles and everything!  Give me enough time, and I can get things done!!!!
Jeff and I went to Twin last night, trying to finish up our shopping.  We got one person off our list.  So now I'm down to two.  I just can't find what they want. 
Today is the BSU game, and we're having a luncheon at work to kick it off...and to thank our customers for a great year.  Hopefully we get a turn out.  Darena has been super about getting things put together so that I didn't have to do it all.  Now, if BSU just does their part.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The rest of the quilt photos

I suppose I should say that after working so long on these things, I never did take a photo of the complete quilt until this morning.  They were fun...once they were finished. 
I should have taken photos Saturday, and didn't think about it.  I worked with Dave most of the afternoon on his "Grinch" costume for Friday night.  OMG...I  have green fur all over my house.  It was all over the carpet, since we laid it on the floor to try and cut it out.  It was on the sewing table, on everything Dave and I had on, on the table, in the air...It was a mess.  Dave worked on his elf shoes, while I made the pants, a hood, gloves (with long fingers...which were extrememly hard to figure out) the red sweatshirt with white trim, and a cape for "Lindsay-Lou-Who".  Boy...we had NO patterns.  We just cut it out and went for it.  I don't think Dave was that thrilled with how it turned out, but I hope he's okay with it. 
You have to know Dave!  He goes all out for things, which I love about him.  He decorates for every holiday that comes along, and I mean DECORATES.  Jeff hates it...even when I do all the work, but Dave loves doing it.  I don't know how much it's cost him for this costume, but I know it didn't come cheap.  I'm getting excited for the whole thing, and hope it's a great Christmas Eve.  Dang...I wish I had taken photos of the journey.
After Dave left, (and he tried to pick up as much fur as he could from the carpet) I vaccumed, and had to empty it four times...trying to keep the fur from getting too thick in it.  I can't explain how EVERYTHING was covered in fur...everything!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Quilt for Girls

As I's a photo of the quilts I made for the girls.  Oh...Robin.  I'm soooo sorry.  I forgot to mail yours in your box.  Geez...where is my head!  I'll send it right away.  Anyway, I thought they turned out super cute...after I finally got them done.  I hope they all enjoyed hanging them or using them on their table.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chelsey's Birthday

Yesterday was Chelsey's birthday.  I was home sick all day, and wasn't sure I'd even make it to the party Danelle had planned at Doc's Pizza in Rupert.  Luckily, I got to feeling a Little better.  Little... I found out Mikayla and Keven were both sick with the flu also.  When we got to the party, Chelsey was sick, Danelle was sick...I'm sure it will be going through all of us now. one else gets it, but it's a miserable one.
Anyway, here's a photo of how I wrapped Chelsey's gift, and Lindsay's.  Lindsay's birthday was on Monday, but I haven't seen her to give her the gift yet.  She turned 16...I just can't believe how all these grandkids are growing up so fast.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hats for Darla

At the retreat, Darla asked me if I would be willing to make hats for her two girls and her exchange student.  She wanted them for Christmas gifts.  I told her that would be great.  At the time, I thought she could buy the yarn and ship it down and I'd make them...but it seemed like a waste to make her ship yarn.  She requested earth tone colors, and I sure hope she likes these.  Merry Christmas Darla.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finally...a keyboard and mouse

I'm excited.  I finally got a new keyboard and mouse and got it hooked up tonight.  I've been going crazy...not being able to type.  That on screen keyboard just didn't cut it.  Having to click on every letter was a pain.
Wednesday, Danelle and I drove to Twin to finish some shopping.  We met Stephanie and Sally and it was fun.  Since Danelle didn't get to go to Boise, this was the alternative.  We ate at the new Buffalo Wings, and it was great.  Danelle complained that even the "mild" was burning her lips. 
We have exciting news...Brittney is getting married on the 5th of January.  It was a total surprise to me, but I can only wish her the best.  My first granddaughter getting Should be pretty cool though, and a winter theme should be beautiful to decorate for.  I think Steph is feeling a little overwhelmed though, but she's doing great.  We even got the wedding invitation in the mail today.
Here are the cards that I turned in for the exchange this month.  The theme was: buttons, eyelets, or brads.  I actually made mine in Septemeber while I was in Soda Springs at Doris'.  This is the last month I had done though, so I'm going to have to get back to work.

Life has been a little hectic lately.  I've had a million things going and it doesn't look like it will slow down at least until after Christmas.  Mikayla and Chelsey (bless their hearts) took pity on me and came down Sunday and helped me get the decorations up.  What a job.  By that night, I could barely walk my back was hurting so much.  Thank heavens for their help!  It looks very pretty and I'm happy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Missed these!

I'm at work now, and I'm going to edit and add a little commentary.  Since my keyboard is not working at home, it was too difficult to write anything.  These baskets are for my VT, and they called last night to tell me they were coming today...yikes!  I knew what I wanted to do for them, but I hadn't covered the mixes.  So, instead, I put the apron and the mixes in a basket, wrapped them up with netting, and tied a cookie cutter on them.  I liked how them came out!

It's a Wrap

Here are some of my packages that I've done so far.  I tried to include the homemade tags as well.

The tag on this gift was an idea that Robin gave me.  I've been making the hats and the flowers on them, and she and Danelle told me at the should make those smaller for us when we scrapbook.  So, I did.  I put them on a tag (also Robin's idea) and then put them on the packages for my "scrapbooker" kids.  I thought it was a fun thing!

I like using picks, ornaments, or decorations on my packages.  I usually go to WalMart or the dollar store after Christmas when everything is way discounted and pick up things I can use the next year.  It doesn't cost that much, but it adds alot.  Hope you have as much fun wrapping gifts as I do...Love it!
Check out Danelle's blog for links to everyone else!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Not sure what's up with my blog

The last couple of days, I've been trying to get into my blog and it just doesn't want to come up correctly.  I may have to go in and change the background or something...not sure.
I lost my keyboard at home, and so I've been trying to use the on screen keyboard, which is really the pits.  I can't seem to find out what the problem is either.  I tried replacing the batteries, tried restarting my computer several times...I hate computer problems.  I want it to just WORK! 
Made more hats over the holiday.  Jeff and I just hung out at home and I did some crafting.  Finished a couple of projects and actually got into my sewing closet and straighten it up a little.  I've decided I'm as bad about buying flannel as I am with scrapbooking supplies.  A little overload!
Jeff had to drive to Boise yesterday (in the blizzard) so he could catch his plane this morning.  Not a real good day for traveling, but he said once he got past Twin it wasn't too bad.  Hopefully the girls and I can make our shopping date this Thursday, but it isn't looking real good.  Big storm coming again.  No school for the kids again today.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiiving

Today was a pretty relaxing day.  I cooked a turkey,  made pies, cooked the rest of the dinner, and then Jeff and I ate it in about 10 minutes.  Doesn't seem like we spend alot of time be eaten in just a few minutes...then we spend time cleaning up and putting it all away.  I love to cook...but it sure seems like it takes alot of my time.
I appreciate all the invitations we received for dinner today.  We just planned to stay home and relax, but alot of folks must have thought we'd feel bad if we weren't around a bunch of family.  It was nice that we were invited though.  Sharon Heiner came down this morning and brought us a fruit basket...super nice!  This afternoon she came back and brought her DIL to look at the house.  She and her husband are building a new home, and Sharon wanted her to see ours.  She is getting discouraged that it's taking so long.  I remember that well!
Kim and Larry had their new little guy yesterday...that's exciting.  They have such cute kids.  Can't wait to see him.  I made a "little" hat for him this morning.  I'll have to go over there to visit and take all their hats.
Well, I seem to be sort of rambling.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Our family, our home, our health.  I appreciate all the good friends we have, and the beautiful country we live in.  I appreciate our freedoms and all the bounty we enjoy.  We truly are blessed.
Jeff and his dad took a drive a couple of weeks ago, and this is a photo he took of the Tetons.  I thought it was very pretty.  I'm sure they have a ton more snow now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Home for the day

Lots more hats.  I need to quit making them I guess.  But, it's too much fun.  The first photo are ones I'm going to give Margene for some of her grandkids.  The left side for the Johnson kids, and the right side for Merlynn's girls.  The next photo are ones for the lady that works with Janell and extras.  The bottom one is extra's also.  I guess I'll decide what to do with them before Christmas.  Right now, I just keep making them.
Today I had the day fact, I took the whole week off.  But we've had about a foot of snow, and it isn't looking good to go to Boise shopping tomorrow.  Steph just called and is disappointed we aren't going, but it doesn't make sense to try and drive up there with the storm they are predicting.  It will be our luck that it turns out fine...but, I guess I'll go back to work for the rest of the week and then take a day off to go shopping when it clears up.  Hopefully.  I did get all my quilts quilted, and three of the seven bound today.  I also watched "How the Grinch stole Christmas".  That's going to be our theme for Christmas Eve.  Hopefully we can come up with some fun things to do with it.
I know I'm tired of shoveling snow.  My back is killing me.  Jeff has done the driveway three times already.  I've shoveled four or five times.  I'm already sick of snow. And tomorrow night it's supposed to get down to -2 and that's too dang cold.