Thursday, December 29, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 29

The three photos above, are of Red Fish Lake, taken the same day as our drive in my previous post.  I thought it was just beautiful with the snow on the mountains and the clouds.  I love this Lake and would love to spend a week or two camped there.

 These two photos are at Galena summit.  It was snowing pretty good there.  The one with the fall colors is actually looking straight down toward the valley.  It doesn't show the snow as much as the one taken up.

These two photos were taken as we came into Stanley.  I always love this view.  Usually there's cattle down in the lower ground and then there are those big mountains in the background.  I love going through this area.  The Sawtooth Mountains are among my favorites.

This was the folded flower I made to go on the "I" of my Jingle.  I thought it turned out cute, but I didn't like how the two shades of red looked together, so I didn't use it.  Also, it came undone after it laid on my craft table for a week.  Not good.

Photo challenge Day 28

I gave alot of gift cards this year, and found these cute stockings at Michael's to use.  I thought they were really cute.  I don't usually like giving out cards, many times that's what everyone asks for.'s easy!

Photo Challenge Day 27

One thing about doing the Photo challenge this month with Ashley, was that I downloaded some photos that I had even forgotten that I had taken.  In early November, Jeff and I took a drive up through Arco to Challis, over to Stanley and home through Sun Valley.  The fall colors were spectacular.  The first photo is at a campground just west of Challis.  It was misty that day and felt like it was actually going to snow.  I thought the colors against the sky were so pretty.
The next photos were along the river on our way to Stanley.  It was raining and the water was just hanging on those late chokecherries.  I had a ton of gorgeous photos from this spot.  There was a small group of yellow/orange trees amongst all pine trees that I loved.  I just never know what to do with the beautiful scenery photos that I get.
The last photo is near Galena summit.  It was actually snowing on top, and tomorrow I will share those photos with you.  I know these aren't actually taken in December, but it was through the challenge that I found them.
The Christmas season is nearly over.  Last night Jeff's parents finally felt well enough to come over and open gifts with us.  I'm so glad they are getting better.  It always a worry when they get sick.  I don't know if I'll take down decorations this weekend or if I'll wait until next week.  It doesn't really seem like I've had them up very long.  But I'm getting in the mood to clean....

December exchange card #4

My last card for the "packaging" theme this month was using the clear envelope that so many jewels come in.  I used my SU owl punch to make an owl, and then put it on a tag...inserted in the envie and I was pretty much finished.  I thought they were cute.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December exchange card #3

This was my 3rd "packaging" card.  I had to use a few different chipboards..most of them had stickers of some sort on the front.  I thought they turned out cute though.  Loved this stamp when I saw it in Boise.

Photo Challenge Day 26

I have these snowmen sitting in the alcove in my bedroom.  I have greenery and minature lights up there, and I love turning them on.  I almost hate to think about putting away all the decorations...but, it also gets old having them all over.  I've enjoyed them though, and have decided to get rid of some when I clean up.  It's hard to part with anything, but I'm just getting too many boxes full of stuff.

Photo Challenge Day 25

Wow.  I can actually see the floor.  I've had gift wrap, ribbon, tape, scissors, tags, and lots of things waiting to be wrapped stacked up here for a month.  It looks so bare in my craft room now.  I've actually cleaned up so things, put away, tried to find room for everything.  It's amazing so full the room was until little by little you start giving it away.
I'm pretty anxious to start really cleaning things up now. 
Thanks to everyone for making our Christmas so wonderful. 

Photo Challenge Day 24

I always make Poppycock for Jeff's father.  He loves it, but since he's really watching his sugar, I only made it for them when they went elk hunting, and for Christmas.  It's a favorite of everyone I've ever given it to.

I bought this cupcake rake when I was in Chicago.  I thought Braquel was using them at her wedding, and loved this one.  Had to have Crate & Barrel ship it home for me even.  Then Danelle told me they weren't using them I had to use it for something.  I made cupcakes for us to eat after the Christmas Eve party.  I also made the Frosty (white) hot chocolate to drink.  Everyone seemed to enjoy that.

We all had a good laugh when we were opening gifts.  I sent Ellie over with a gift marked for "Jason".  She gave it to David, and he said..."Hey.  I have a gift for Jason?  Who's that?"  I had to introduce him to Jason...he turned about as bright of red as I've seen.  Duh?

I got a new frame full of photo's of the Gibbon's family.  Sally said it looked like they were way behind on my bookcase...only a couple of years.  Boy, when kids are this age though, that makes a huge difference.
After everyone left, Jeff & I were getting ready to go down to mom's, and discovered that Danelle had left her camera on the counter.  I called and they were on the freeway almost to KOA.  I don't think Gary wanted to come back very bad, but we offered to meet them partway.  Met them at the Hub and they went back home.  Ellie was already asleep in the car seat.  After we got home from Mom's about 11:15 or so, we came downstairs...there sat Jason & Sally's camera and camcorder.  Called them, and Jason said he'd come out early the next morning and get theirs.
What a great day.  Enjoyed the big family party and then having all the kids here to open gifts.  We have such cute and "perfect" grandkids and kids.  Love them all!

Photo Challenge Day 23

We closed up the store around 1:00, and I did a few errands and then filled my pickup with gas and came home.  I decided to mix up my hot rolls for Christmas Eve, and discovered that I was almost out of flour.  So I ran down to Swenson's and picked that up and then decided that I should just fill a basket with baking goodies for mom.  I picked up Crisco, brown sugar, chocolate chips, Karo syrup, etc.  When I went to check out...there was mom.  She said, "don't look.  I'm buying your Christmas".  Funny huh?  Anyway, she brought down a basket full of fruit and four different cheese balls.  Love them!

I don't know if I mentioned that Danelle called me on the 22nd and said..." I was looking at your blog, and I think you spelled Kylee wrong.  It should have two ee's on the end and not an ie."  I thought about it and knew she was right.  But...I had gotten the wood letters in Salt Lake and wasn't sure just what to do.  But after I got home, I called Margene to see if she could possibly cut me out another E...and the wonderful sister that she is...she made time to do it.  She has to be the best sister ever.  She always helps me out whenever I call her.  Love you sis!

Monday, December 26, 2011

December exchange card #2

For this card, I had some tags that came off shirts.  It was cut in a pointed fashion and folded over, so it was fairly thick.  I covered each layer and used stamping on them.  I loved the paper.  It was some I got from CTMH a year or so ago. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

December exchange card #1

This was my first card I made for the December exchange.  The theme was "using packaging" for the card.  I used some cardboard that came with some brads or something on it.  I've known this was the theme for December most of the year, so I kept saving anything that looked like it might work.  I thought these turned out pretty cute.  Of course, I didn't have quite enough of one thing to make it all, so each one turned out a little different.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 22

I know these photos seem a little random, but this was really what seemed important to me on the 22nd.  I stopped at mom's to see something Larry was building out in the shop, and picked up my quilt that Doris had finished quilting for me (I'll post that photo a little later, after I finish the binding) and she gave me a container of Swedish cookies.  We have made these since we lived in Paul, and I love them.  They take a long time to make, so I really appreciate the efforts she puts into making them for all of us.

It was the Maaco bowl, and Jeff & I both wore our Boise State shirts to work in support of them.  I fixed us some cheese/crackers/salami/apples/and oranges to eat, and we were set.  Boise ran the first kick off back for a touchdown, and never looked back.  I loved that they won so far, but I almost felt sorry for Arizonia.  Almost.  Go Broncos!

Photo Challenge Day 21

Wednesday evening, I drove to Albion for a "live" nativity play.  Treven was playing the part of a shepherd, and even though it was freezing cold and the wind was blowing 100 least it felt like it all day...I was going.  On my way there, I was dropping off a couple of gifts for our contractors, and...guess what.  I think it actually warmed up a little, because it started snowing.  By the time I made my way up the hill to Albion, it was snowing so hard you could barely see the roadway.  But, it was all good.  I wore my big orange BSU coat and kept very warm.  I loved seeing the real live animals...chickens, donkeys, goats, sheep, and camels.  It was great!