Monday, December 30, 2013

The Jones family

Danelle asked if I would take a family photo while they were here for Thanksgiving.  Of course, I love taking photos.  The only problem was Sam wanted to take photos also, and everyone kept trying to look at both of us and then neither of us got really good photos.  They did use one for their Christmas card though. 

On a side note:  Mikayla wanted to print one of the photos where everyone was doing something different...Braquel was telling Ellie something and Keven was looking at them, Chelsey was pointing at something, Treven was pulling a face, and Danelle was looking over at Braquel and Ellie.  Only Gary and Mikayla looked okay...of course, that was the one she wanted to print for her frame.  I thought it was pretty funny, but I guess Danelle didn't see the humor in it.  What a great family though.  Love them all.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

70th Wedding Anniversary

Jason and Sally

Keven and Braquel

The Wood ladies:  Stacy, Susan, Reta, and Callie

The Wood family:  Susan, Steve, Brett, Ken, and Jeff in back with Vern & Reta in front.
Vern & Reta celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on December 18th.  We had dinner together with everyone on Saturday, the 14th at Perkins in Burley.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Project Life Week 42

This was the week of our retreat.  What a fun time.  I love all the ladies that come, and we have so much fun with our themes and games and challenges...and ghosts.  This theme was the 50's and we had a movie night complete with a dance off.  Everyone is such good sports about it.  Lots of wood projects and good food!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Pillow made by my Great Grandmother

This pillow was made by my Great Grandmother...can you believe it?  It's a cover with a little pillow inside.  I am trying to decide whether to try and wash it or not.  It's a little dirty, and the lace is coming unsewn along one I fix it?  Or leave it the way it is?  It's my dilemma.
Saturday was Doris's funeral.  We took our Yukon, and Danelle, Steph, and Jason rode with us.  CJ came also.  I am so proud of my kids.  Family means a lot to them, and I really appreciated them coming.  I had a difficult time and it was nice to have them close.  Margene and Mike both did a wonderful job with their talks.  On the way home, we found out that Dale had passed away.  Poor Leslie.  Down there all by herself.  I will so miss him.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Project Life Week 41

I am getting a little behind on my project several weeks, but I did finish some and I'll start posting them again.  This week was a busy one as you can see from the photos.  We loved having Darin and Connor here for opening deer hunt.
On a sad note:  Robin's grandmother passed away yesterday, and I am saddened for her.  She was 95 but had been in very good health.  Life is certainly, uncertain.  We never know when it will be our time.
Today is my sis's funeral.  We were predicted to get 5-7" of snow, but it looks more like 2-3" out there.  Hopefully the roads aren't too bad.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

70th wedding anniversary

Jeff's parents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary yesterday.  Can you believe that?  70 years...who makes that anymore.  The family got together at Perkin's Saturday afternoon for lunch and honored them.  All five of their children came, plus some of the rest of the family.  Jason & Sally came, and Braquel, Keven, and Mikayla.  I was so proud of them.  They came even though their mother and dad couldn't come, and were so sweet to Vern & Reta.  My kids and grandkids all just love them.  It was pretty cool.  Viki even ordered a cake for the occasion...silver & gold.  I'll never make that!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I know...I don't like birds, but these flamingo's were so pretty.  There were about 20-25 of them just standing in this pool, looking beautiful.  I can see why people put them in their yards.  Of course, I wouldn't have one!

On Tuesday (when I was in Houston) I was bored to death staying in my hotel room, so I went to the zoo.  This was a "red panda" which I had never seen.  I thought they were very unique and loved watching them.

This Rhino was a sculpture that I thought was pretty cool.  They had sculptures like this all over the zoo.  People were putting their kids on them for photos.  They also had a lot of plants trimmed into animal shapes.

I had to make it to Hard Rock.  I always get a shirt from there if I can find one.  This one sure didn't have much to pick from.  I usually get a sweatshirt...none.  I also try to pick something up for Steph, but there just wasn't anything too cool.  I did get Jeff a Willie Nelson shirt, but that was about it.

The CED event was held at the aquarium, and that was really neat. It was four stories tall and the tanks went all the way.  The staircases wound around it. 

We were greeted by this underwater diver holding a sign that said:  Welcome CED employees and customers.  The whole building was reserved for us.  Outside they had a carnival type area with games and a few rides.  Also a train that you could ride.

I loved the white tiger.  They actually had four of them and they would rotate them.  That was way cool.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Death is never easy.  Yesterday my sister Doris passed away early in the morning.  I'm so sad to lose her, but I'm so glad she is out of the pain she was having.  And I keep reminding myself that it was a celebration for her.  She was able to see her husband, her son, my father, and other relatives that have gone on before.  She was ten years older than myself, and it seemed like I never really knew her and appreciated her until I was older and spent time with her.  She was very, very talented.  I have around 100 tatted snowflakes that prove that.  They will always be on my Christmas tree.  She knitted, she quilted, she cooked, she was so many things that I aspire to.  For the last ten years or so, my mother and various sisters when they could, went to Soda Springs and spent a week with her on her birthday.  We would make cards and quilt and enjoy getting to know each other better.  Rest in peace.  I love you.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Brit's Dance Layout

I usually give the girl's a gift certificate to do five layouts for them each Christmas.  Stephanie is quite consistent about bringing me some...almost always dance or sports photos.  When I asked why I always get those, she said because they are the hardest to do.
I'm not sure what year these photos are, because she is always so far behind.  Brit is married with a two year old son I know they are fairly old.  It was fun doing them though.  This is the first set, and I did one for Brit's book and one for Steph's.

The layout below is for Brit's book...or Steph's.  Whichever she chooses.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Braquel and Keven's quilt

I think everyone knows that I'm trying to make a quilt for each of my grandchildren when they get married.  I asked Braquel to bring her quilt over on Thanksgiving so I could get a photo of her and Keven with it.  I'm going to try and make a mini album just for the quilts that I give away.  Now I've got to get one of Brittney and Dustin...Not sure when I'll get one of Stephanie and her husband...maybe when we travel to Arizona to visit Mark & Tricia.  I loved the color of this quilt that Braquel received.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I may have written about this before, but I decided to make a quilt for someone that works with Dave.  Evidently they loved the quilt that mom had made Steph & Dave for a "car" quilt.  They told them they had wanted a quilt forever but hadn't been able to find one they could afford to purchase. 
I don't know what quilts normally sell for, but the ones I make...are not cheap.  Fabric hasn't gotten out of reason...anywhere from $9.+ to 13.+...and of course, it takes a lot.  7 yards usually just for the back.  And if you want to color co-ordinate it...lots for the front.  Soooo...I had most of this fabric left over from the last quilt top I made for a grandkid...and thought I'd try it.  (Note:  when I volunteered to make a quilt...I was only going to make a small rag quilt)  Well, to make a long story short this turned into quite a different story when I made 30 blocks, set it together with sashing, decided to quilt it rather than tie it....I did machine quilt it.  And I can promise you I won't do that again.  It took forever and a ton of thread and was so hard.  I pinned everything about 3-4 inches apart.  I probably used 500 safety pins.  Well, I promised "short" took forever.  But, when I got done...I loved it.  Jeff didn't want me to give it away.  Steph said she is waiting to give it to them closer to Christmas, and I can't wait for that phone call telling me what they think.  Hope they love it.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Thank goodness for Janell's help on all these projects.  When Connie originally asked me to show gift wrapping ideas at RS...I said yes...then realized it was the week I was going to be gone to Houston for Automation Fair.  But...then they moved it up a week, so I said I would do it.  I called Janell to ask about the wreath she had me finish the week before and she said she had a die to cut the strips for the medallions.  Sounded easier to me, so I went up and we cut out about 20 of them.  Then she told me she also had the die to make the bows in the first photo.  So we made a bunch of those also.
I put them together at home the next couple of days, and I thought they really turned out cool.  I loved them.
The photo below is the table after I put everything out.  Of course, can't you see everything, but a few of them.  I thought it went fairly well although I hadn't done any shopping and hated wrapping empty boxes, but...what else could I do?

Friday, December 6, 2013

November exchange card #3

This month's exchange was a little disappointing.  Only three of us participated.  But they were all cute.  This was the last card I made using the Primary  I thought it turned out fairly cute.  It was paper pieced and took a little time, but wasn't too bad.  I guess December will be our last month for the exchange.  Since Doris isn't going to feel like doing it, and Maxine & Laurie won't have a way to get their cards to me anymore...I've loved doing it many years?  Can't even remember when we started.  I'm sad to not do it anymore.
Thanks to Katie I started cutting the snowflakes to finish my Christmas cards.  She let me borrow some snowflake dies from Tim Holtz....and the magnetic tray that holds them...I've never seen that and it works so slick.  Love it!  And the size is perfect.  Thanks again Katie.
Louie had his open heart surgery yesterday, and they were able to repair his valve, and they did three bypasses.  It took less than the 8 hours they had said...about 5-6...and he came through okay.  That's a big relief for our family.  We seem to be having some real health issues lately and it's rather disconcerting.  Grateful that Louie is on his way to recovery.