Saturday, March 31, 2012

Challenge #8- using a new technique or at least one from the video's

This week's challenge was to try a new technique or something from one of the awesome video's that Robin has been doing.  I love them her voice on them.
Wet embossing is NOT a new technique for me, but it is something Robin did a video on, and I very seldom use it in my scrapbooking.  So, I decided to try it.  The flowers on the first page, and the butterfly on the second page are both embossed.  I used a glitter embossing powder.  Copper on the flowers and some copper and an orange on the butterfly to give it a little more dimension.  I actually liked how it turned out.
I wanted to scrap the banner and the pumpkins, because I really liked both items.  Robin came down and we made all the cloth pumpkins...which I love to sit by the fireplace in the fall.  Then I only had one photo from Automation Fair, but it was in November so I decided to combine the two for a double page layout. 
I think scrapbooking is so much fun.  You can try so many different things and it all comes out wonderful.
Have a great weekend.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bridal Shower invitation

This photo actually shows the truest colors of this inviation.  I'm not sure why the rest of them look more purple than the periwinkle it really was.  And the umbrella on the left was actually fairly pink.  Just try to imagine it...okay?
I used an emboss plate to do the outline and the umbrella's.  Then redid the umbrella's in three different colors.  Sanded everything, and then cut-out the umbrella's and used dimensions to put them on with.  Then outlined the box with glitter, along with the lines on the pink umbrella.  On the purple one, I used a glue-dot to put the flowers on with.  The green one has jewels on the bottom points.  I used two different stamp sets to print the word "Bridal" and "Shower".  I thought they turned out fairly cute.  I made four and then Mom and Doris made the rest.  (20).  Mom is throwing the shower for one of the girls in our neighborhood.

Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Retreat Challenge #7

G:  Glitter
I:  Irridescent
R: Rhinestones
L:  Lace
S: Sparkle
The challenge was to use one or all of these items on a layout.  I also saw another challenge to use scrap pieces to create a border, so I combined the two.  I used photos of my roses that I have around the yard.  I love roses, but Jeff doesn't really, so it's my job to take care of them.  Every winter I seem to lose several and have to replant, which is discouraging, but I just keep trying.  Enjoy.
Only four more challenges before the retreat.
I'm sorry I'm late with this challenge.  My mother turned 90 this week and we held an open house and family dinner for her yesterday.  It was a great success and I loved visiting with relatives and friends.  I certainly appreciate all the help we had.  Mom called me today and said she counted up the friends that had signed her guest book, and there were 97...and who knows if everyone signed.  There were also 145 family members there.  Thanks to everyone who helped out in anyway, or came to visit with mom.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ellie's Sleep over

I was so excited when Danelle said their family was going to LasVegas, but they were not taking Ellie.  They thought it would be too hard for her.  So, I volunteered to take a day off work and keep her.  And it was even more exciting when they decided that she could come on Sunday evening and spend the night with us.  She is such a special little girl.  I was excited for weeks.  Talked about having her to everyone that would listen.  So, she came and we had a ball.
When her family left, Grandpa asked her if she wanted to wave at them until they were gone, and she said "yes...but I'm not going to cry".  And she didn't.  She helped me bake cookies, and then we played dolls and read books and colored.  I have a little book of photos of her first year, and she wanted to look at that.  I got a kick out of her.  The very few first pages she'd say:  " cute"  "Oh, look at how cute".  The very last photo, she is crying.  She wanted to know why...I told her it was because it was the end of the book, and that seemed to satisfy her.
When we went to bed, she slept with me.  I absolutely will treasure that forever.  She would entertwine her fingers with mine (all night) and she laid one leg over mine.  If I would move, she would wake up and ask "What's you doing Grandma"  She is a very light sleeper, and when she would wake up, she always asked me something that made perfect sense.  Not like someone talking in their sleep.
When it was time to get up, I got out of bed...and of course " What's you doing Grandma"  I told her I was going to go take a shower, but I'd turn the TV on for her and she could watch cartoons if she wanted.  She did.  But, Grandpa said she told him..."I'll watch TV, but I'm not going to sleep".  Then a little later she told me" I never got scared".
We mad waffles for breakfast, because she told me she loves them.  But all she really ate was the raspeberry jam off them.  I ended up eating the waffle.
She took a bath and gave one of the dolls a bath with her.  It's a quipie doll, with the hair curled on top.  Well, this one has plastic hair, and it really bothered her.  She kept wanting to cut it off.  Then she tried washing it off.  When I did her hair, we did a ponytail, and she told me "That's cute.  Thanks"
We played dolls and dishes and games and then she decided that we should pack our diaper bags and go to Las Vegas.  So, we packed them and came upstairs.  I pretended that we were shopping and then I told her we'd fly to Vegas.  I went into the library room and sat on the couch and told her to buckle up before we took off.  She gave me a strange look and then said..."it's a couch, Grandma".  I, it's an airplane and we're going to fly to Vegas.  She reached over and patted the couch and looked at me again, with a disgusted look and said..."No.  I can feel it!  It's a couch".  I guess you can only pretend so far with her.
Her, Grandpa and I went to McDonald's for lunch, and again...she was so excited to go...but didn't eat anything.  I'm not sure why she thinks she likes the place so much.
She feel asleep on the way home, but when Braquel came to get her, we spent a while taking photos.  She didn't feel very well, and I could tell she had a little bit of a fever, but she was so good.  She changed clothes several times and let me snap away. 
Oh what a joy being a Grandma is!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby gift for the Hurst's

This is a receiving blanket I made quite awhile ago, and just keep on hand for baby gifts.  I'm finally getting around to taking to Tyler & Telynne.  I baked cookies and took some of those too.  The bag is so cute...isn't it?  I bought a bunch of gift bags at our family reunion auction one year, and have just hated to use this one because I thought it was so cute.  But...I finally broke down and gave it away.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March exchange cards #4

Lot's of bling this month.  I was into Scrapbook Cottage, and saw some flowers with jewels for the centers, and really liked it, so decided I would try it.  Really liked the background paper, and thought I could use the colors from it for the flowers.  It turned out okay.  I don't love it like I did the sympathy card, but it's okay.
Hope you enjoyed the cards I made for my March exchange.  This is the last one.

Monday, March 19, 2012

March exchange cards #3

This was my third "shiney/glittery" card.  I loved how this one turned out.  I've had this tree stamp for a long time, and I never get tired of using it.  Love the chuncky glitter on the bottom that looks like snow. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Challenge #6- using a photo for inspiration

The challenge this week was to look at an inspiration photo and be "inspired" by it.  It wouldn't matter if it was clothing, a Pottery Barn catalog, etc.  Just either use the color combination or the design for inspiration.  I decided to use the spring looking colors of the flowers.  Danelle's birthday is in May, and the year they were quitting the bar, everyone wanted to honor them with a surprise party.  We combined her birthday with that.  But...she hadn't scheduled herself to work that night, and no amount of calling and begging her to come down seemed to be getting her there.  When Jeff & I got there, I called and told her we had come up and were expecting her to be there.  That really made her suspicious because Jeff & I very rarely went up there.  But, she finally came down and enjoyed the good food and games.  Robin took the photos...none of mine even turned out.  Too dark I guess.

The "birthday" was traced on a transparency and then I painted the back with a color that matched the paper.  I thought it turned out fairly cute.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March exchange Cards #2

I saw this stamp and example at Archiver's in Boise, and fell in love with it.  They were out of the stamp set, but I finally got it a little later.  I thought they had done each color separetly, and couldn't quite figure it out.  When I asked, they said they stamped the whole thing in Versa Mark and then carefully added one color of glitter at a time and then heat embossed the whole thing.  It was trickier than I thought it would be, and mine aren't exactly along the lines of the cloaks, but I still thought they turned out pretty.
Loved the embossing glitter colors especially.