Thursday, March 30, 2017

May Family Ranch (Group 3)

Mikayla resting...I was amazed at all the things she did when the baby was only two weeks away.  She even went kayaking.

Between all the other games we played, we had a chipping contest.  See that little red chair...way down there...whoever chipped closest to it won...not sure we had a prize, but everyone wanted to win.  Some had never even picked up a golf club before...and a ton of fun.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

May Family Ranch (Group 2)

This water slide was so much fun.  Almost everyone went down it, and the smaller kids absolutely loved it.  They had a switch that turned water down it, so it was straight out of the creek and a little cold, but the day was hot and the kids had a ball.  Keven took Kierra down it, and it wasn't bad, so then Braquel tried it.  She held Kierra in front of her and went really slow.  The next time down though, she went way fast and was screaming at Keven to take Kierra away from her before she hit the pond at the end of the slide.  We all laughed so hard!  After the slide, we had a water fight with water guns and water balloons.  Then on to water balloon volleyball.  Such a great time!

Monday, March 27, 2017

May family Ranch (Group 1)

Kierra loved being with everyone and playing on the swings.  She had a lot of attention over the weekend.

Cover your Assets tournament was played out over the weekend.  Everyone put in a dollar and the winner took all.  Mikayla actually ended up winning.  Kylee and Ellie loved playing the pie in your face game.

Since we had so many July birthdays, we had cake and home made ice cream on Friday evening to celebrate them all.  Ruger really liked it.  We made three freezers full!

The lodge we rented was perfect.  14 bedrooms, a large kitchen, a small living room, and the game outside tables.  We really enjoyed our time there.  No TV, no nice.

Played a lot of one on one and HORSE basketball.

Our very own little DIVA...