Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More scarves

These are the only other photos that I took of the scarves I made.  This last one, is the one that Mikayla and Braquel liked too.  Lindsay was wearing it after she opened it, so I guess she liked it.  I was excited that they actually even liked them, but I guess scarves are the big deal right now, because I see alot of ladies wearing them.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Knitting scraves

I promised I'd try and get a photo of the blocks made for Kylee and Ellie with the flowers I painted on them...well, here it is.  I tried to put flowers on quite a few of each color and thought they turned out pretty cute.  I used pink/ aqua/green/purple for the colors and made the flowers white with black centers on all of them.

When I was in Twin Falls at Girlfriends scrapbook store, they had these scarves made out of a yarn that I thought was pretty cool.  Clear back in July I bought a couple skeins but never did quite understand how to make them.  They said you "knitted" them.  Finally before Christmas, I decided I wanted something to go with the gift cards I'd gotten for several of the girls, so I got on U tube and figured out how to make them.  I ended up making about 7-8 of them.  Each one was a little different, but I liked how they turned out.  Mikayla and Braquel each want one now, so I need to make another trip to Twin to get some more yarn.  They each want a black/gray/white one like I made Lindsay.  If I have a photo, I'll post it next.  I don't think I ended up taking pictures of all of them though.
Happy New Year's to everyone.  Last night Jeff and I watched a couple of movies after a football game, and made it to midnight...big shock.  We wathced Expendables II, and Pitch Perfect.  Jeff doesn't really like musical shows, but that was pretty funny.  Both movies were pretty funny...each in their own way.
Today were meeting Jeff's family for dinner at Perkin's.  Different not to have something at home or a family members home, but I guess everyone is tired of cooking.  I did make potato pancakes for Jeff for breakfast this morning.  My old Betty Crocker cookbook fell apart, and I bought a new one...well guess what?  Half of my favorite recipes aren't in the new one.  Including potato pancakes.  I tried on line, but none were made totally from scratch like my old stand by.  I guess I'm going to have to try and find someone with an OLD BC cookbook.  Or just start trying to find a really good scratch recipe.  All in all, they weren't bad...just different.  I did make my own syrup though....nice and hot.