Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Butte, MT

I love all the old, beautiful architecture in Butte.  I didn't take too many photos this time since we've been there and taken most of them before.  But, I just can't resist sharing a couple of them.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Deer Lodge, MT

We were in Deer Lodge, MT once before, and loved the museum's and a quilt shop I found, and the architecture of the homes and buildings.  So when we went to Montana this fall, we made it back there.  Even though we had to back track to do it.
Loved the cars they have at the museum, but my camera battery ran out just after we started through, so I didn't get too many photos.  I did get a few of our favorite buildings though, and Jeff let me stop at the quilt shop.  I purchased a paper piecing kit for a double wedding ring quilt...haven't started it yet, but did get some batik fabric pieces for it.  Just have to collect a few more.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Caring & Sharing family tree

I had an idea for the decorations for our family tree that we do for Christmas Caring & Sharing in Rupert.  I wanted to use an old door and an old chair, made to display Christmas cards.  I wanted to use antique skates, sled, skis etc...but couldn't find much.  Steve Graf found me a door and some skates.  I went to DI and purchased some red sweaters and a plaid jacket. Then used them to cover Styrofoam balls.  Made stars out of paper, and bleached pine cones...that was about it.  We named it "Santa's Cabin".  Sally & Jason let us set it up in their garage to decorate on Monday evening (even furnished supper) so it wouldn't be so far to haul it.  I don't think I would do that again though...we wrapped it in saran wrap to haul it over, but had to redo almost everything when we got to the civic center.  Next time I'd just do it there.

I made a ruffled tree skirt, which I thought turned out cute.  The put a price tag of $600.00 on it, and I was afraid it wouldn't sell, but Mart Produce purchased it...then gave it to Jason which was awesome.  Said they knew it was his family that had made it, and thought he'd like it.
It was fun to do, but I think the next time our family in charge of it, I'm going to start earlier and get more help.  I was very impressed that Jeff helped me with all of it though.  Being retired is great!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Project Life- Week 31

I need to edit some more photos since this is the last thing I have on my desktop to publish....I'm actually up to week 43, so I've got lots to post yet.  Just trying to work on Christmas projects though, and haven't taken time to edit any photos lately.  Work, work, work.  Today I'm trying to make some candy.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Project Life- Week 30

This was the week that Ruth came over to see the quilts I've made for grandkids.  I was actually surprised when I got them all down.  I love all of them.  It's hard to believe how much work has gone into them since you forget once they are finished and so beautiful.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Treven's Birthday Shoot

Chelsey was an excellent shot.  She just kept shooting trying to even better...until her shoulder was bright red and sore.

Ellie sat in her chair and mostly just watched everyone else shoot.  Don't you love that sweater?  It's one Doris made and I purchased it at the auction a couple of years ago.  She finally grew into it.

Everyone was having a ton of fun.  Gary set up some clay pigeons across the canyon and we shot at those with 22's and his target gun.  Then it was down to throwing the clay pigeons up in the air to shoot at.

Treven needs longer arms for sure, but he was amazing.  He had a ton of fun shooting.
Then we went back to their home for birthday dinner, cake, and ice cream.  What a fun day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Halloween and another baby quilt

It took me forever, but I finally got to feeling a little better and did some Halloween decorations.  Not much though.  I did make these stacked pumpkins for each of the girls to go with their chevron table runner.  AND changed the printed holiday paper...Thanks to Robin.
We went on a tip the week of Halloween, and I didn't think we would be back for Halloween, so I didn't even purchase any candy.  We actually came back Friday afternoon, so I ran over to WalMart and picked up some candy.  Good thing...we had trick or treaters.  When Kim brought their kids, Joel said:  "We usually get something really special here...not just candy bars!"  Kim nearly died, but I thought it was pretty clever of him.  They usually do get something special.  So, next year I'll have to make sure I'm better prepared.

This was just a printed piece of fabric with Winnie the Pooh/Tigger/Eyore on it.  I just went ahead and did squares.  Nothing special, but at least it's finished and put away in the cedar chest.  I've been pinning lots of free hand ideas for quilting.  Hopefully I'll get a little braver and start doing some fun things.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Project Life- Week 30

Finished decorating the stair railing this morning.  Looks nice, I think.  Used blue/sliver.  Seems nice to have all that finished now.  Talked to mom and we're going to dip chocolates either the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  She likes giving them away.  Our trouble is that Jeff and I eat most of them, which isn't good for either one of us.