Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last night we drove to Twin to buy some stain...I guess that's what it is.  We have a work trailer (car hauler) and we have one ourselves, and we have a snowmobile traile. We want to get all three of them stained and coated before winter.  We went into Lowe's.  I used to really like Home Depot, and then they got so you couldn't find anyone to help you with anything.  So, we went to Lowe's.  Now they are the same.  It seems like all these big stores start with all kinds of good help, and before long, you can't find anyone.  They called someone to the paint aisle for us...I had seen him at the counter when I went up to ask for someone...just laughing and visiting with one of the clerks.  He wasn't very helpful...he got a cell phone call and it was more important then helping their customer.  Then we were standing at the end of an aisle, and two people are pushing a cart of some sort (clerks) and they ask us to move.  They have the whole freaking aisle, but we had to move.  I told Jeff..."I'm out of here".  I hate that.  I sure hope that we never treat any of our customers that poorly. 
After we got that, we went into Applebee's for dinner, and ran into Ken and Viki, so we sat with them to eat.  That was fun.  I want Viki's job.  She golfs and just stays home.  Boy am I jealous.  I would sure love to be home and do the fun things I want to do...and even clean.  Maybe I'd get my scrap room cleaned up.  We also picked up a few groceries at WinCo. 
Here are a couple photos of more hats.  I'm just having way too much fun.  Robin sent me a link to some really cute ones, so I may have to try changing it up a bit.

I keep finding new colors and new ways to use up some smaller balls of yarn that I have left over.  My wrists and thumbs are killing me though.

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