Friday, August 30, 2013

FALL from the Wood Connection

This is the wood set of letters and the stacked leaves that I purchased at the wood connection in SLC when my mom and sisters went to Park City.  Of course, they were plain pine letters when I bought them.  I painted them, and then had to wait until I got home to put the paper and the decorations on them for the most part.  When we went to Michael's in Park City, they didn't have any fall paper to choose from.  The last modge podged with glitter over it.  I loved how this turned out and can't wait to display them....of course, I love fall.  The only thing I hate...knowing winter is coming right behind it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August exchange card #3- 2013

The last of my August exchange cards.  Since I give so many men's cards, I usually try to include some each month.  It's almost deer and elk hunting season, and I saw a card that had used some scraps along the bottom of a tag...and liked it.  So I tried doing it with this elk.  I thought it turned out okay.  I had also seen a blog where the lady used a punched circle to make a moon, and I actually quite liked that too.  I may be doing more of this style card.

Yesterday my eye was completely swollen up, and I thought I must have a stye.  But, then I remembered that I had leaned down to pull some grass by the front step and the bigger grass beside it poked me right in the eye.  I have an appointment today with the eye doctor to see if they can give me something for it.  Right now it doesn't look so swollen, but it is really sore and mattery. It's always something...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August exchange card #2- 2013

As you already know, the theme was "fall fun" and of course, fall means leaves to me.  I really quite liked how this card turned out.  The only problem I had was with the tags.  They were purchased, and they had a slick finish and the words faded a little and smudged if I touched them.  Other than that, I was pleased with them.
We drove to Driggs yesterday, and stopped in Soda Springs to drop off Doris and Maxine's cards and some binders for her to cover.  She gives them to grandkids for scrapbooks.  Then we stopped at Palasades Dam to try and pick huckleberries, but we couldn't get across the dam to the campground.  We found out today that they've made a new bridge below the dam...on to Driggs to visit Don & Vicki Wade.  It's been quite awhile since we've seen them and it was fun to visit with them.  We went to dinner in Driggs at Tony's Italian restaurant.  It was very good.  Then drove to Idaho Falls and spent the night.  We met Chris, Taylor, and Robin for brunch and that was really fun.  Had a great time.  Hate the thoughts of going back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August exchange card #1- 2013

Have you guessed that the theme was "Fall Fun"?  Yes, and it was a fun theme to do.  I love the one autumn morning poem, and try to use it often.  I hadn't used my bear stamp for a long time, so I dusted it off and put it to use.
Mailed my cards (and some from Janell) off to From Our Hearts today.  I ended up sending just over 200...and that fit nicely in the "large" flat rate box.  Cheaper than sending the two boxes last time.  I think if I keep it around 200-225 it would fit in the box I used today.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cards for "From Our Hearts"

I sent a couple of boxes to "From Our Hearts" not too long ago...Janell donated quite a few as well as my own, in fact we sent almost 300.  Well, I was on their website, and they were asking for cards to meet a specific need.  Hi/Hello, Get Well, Anniversary, Thinking of you...and I decided I really needed to use some things up anyway so I might as well make some up.  Well, the end result is I have another 120 or so ready to send.  I called Janell to see if she wanted to donate again, and I'm just waiting for her cards before I send them off.  A lot of these cards were made using the card fronts I make up to get rid of scraps when I have time.  I have a lot of them stacked up, and thought this was a good way to use them.  I also used some stickers and punch outs that I got from Janell's garage sale.  It's a pretty good way to sue least I think so.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wood bugs

While we were in SLC, we visited the "Wood Connection".  I love the place.  I could go crazy there.  In fact, I usually do.  I don't make it to SLC very often, so when I do, I usually try to grab several wood projects.
This time, I bought a couple and actually finished them up right away.  I'll post my other one in a few days.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Life Week 28

Seems like the weeks are just flying by, and now I'm behind on PL again.  I was all caught up with week 30...haven't done one since.
This week was sort of slow.  After the vacation the week before I just went back to work to try and catch up, and we measured all our wire after work one night.  Getting ready for inventory is always soooo much fun.  NOT.  I did get a couple sets of cards made for the exchange, along with tags, but that was about it.  So my photos for the week were of my roses and flowers and the sunsets that were so pretty.  And, the sad death of Danelle's neighbor that was just like family.  It was hard for us and especially hard for Danelle's family.  He was just like a Grandpa to the kids.  We went to his service, and I was very glad we did.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Project Life Week 27

This was a great week, as we went on vacation for the WHOLE week....I loved it.  My birthday was Saturday and we left that morning for Arco and a week of 4-wheeling.  It was just such a fantastic week.  One of the guys I know from McCain's and his wife, his father and his wife and another couple joined us on Sunday and we had a great time riding every day.  Usually it was very very warm during the day and then every afternoon about 3-4:00 it would cloud up, rain and blow, and then it would even out and be a beautiful evening.  Wednesday one couple left for home, and on Friday morning two other couples left.  Steve, Jeff's brother from Utah, came up late Monday night to join us, and then Friday, his other brother Ken and his wife Viki came up to ride with us.  They just bought a side-by-side and tried it out.  Of course, we got rain and they were covered in mud from racing back to the trucks for miles.  We didn't quite out race the storm.  On Saturday I told Jeff just to go with Steven since he had been so patient all week with all of us.  Then I texted Robin and asked what her and the boys were doing.  They came over to Arco and met me and we all went for a LONG, LONG, long drive as Taylor said.  It was great fun, but it was about 8:00 that evening when we finally got back to Arco and they headed back to Idaho Falls.  On Sunday morning we got up and headed home.
I loved the whole week.  Can't wait until I retire and can spend lots more time doing exactly that sort of thing more.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Random flowers

Okay...these are just a couple random photos that I've had stuck on my desktop and decided to post them so I can just delete them.  I wasn't even sure what they were except flowers...I actually took them quite awhile ago (you can tell since bleeding hearts bloom fairly early in the spring). 
My news this week is the family reunion.  I'm taking today off even.  Usually we don't go until after work on Friday, but this year I thought we were going to Flaming Gorge so I took the extra day.  We aren't...instead we're going to Crystal Springs, which is great too.  It's far enough away to take the 5th wheel for a night out, close enough for CJ to make it for a change, and the Jones' and the Gibbons' are coming also.  Good times.
I've been working on my auction items for a week now, and will post photos of that next time.