Saturday, December 5, 2015

Arco-Lost Tral

In August, Jeff & I took a drive...up to Arco, ate at the little sandwich shop was such good sandwiches.  We loved it.  Jeff ordered a six inch and I ordered a four inch and neither one of us could eat it all.  We each asked to have what we hadn't eaten wrapped and then left.  We drove over Lost Trail and into Sun Valley then home.  When we got home, I said...where's my purse?  Well, when we went in the sandwich shop, I had sit it on an extra chair and when I went up to have my extra wrapped, we left right from there and I didn't sit down again.  So...I didn't grab my purse.  I finally found a number for them by calling the RV park we usually camp at and called.  Yes, they had found it and had it sitting back at the counter. SO...we had to drive to Arco again the next day.  I felt stupid....
The really cool thing is, they hadn't even opened the purse to find a name or anything.  EVERYTHING was still in it!  Love smaller towns where people are honest and honorable.  They were soooo nice.  We ate there again and it was just as delicious.  I would recommend that place to anyone.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Keeping Kierra

Back in August, Jeff and I kept Kierra, Treven, and Ellie for a day...then extended the stay for Treven and Ellie...another day. 
Kierra was just so cute.  She would just giggle when I'd play "boo" with her.  I tried to video it, but I couldn't hide my face and say boo and take video all at the same time.  But she was just so much fun to have for the day.  We would keep her anytime!
Treven and Ellie were fun too.  Ellie and I crafted and Treven helped Grandpa with the 4-wheeler.  On Tuesday, I took them into the skate park and Treven played for awhile, then we came home and Grandpa helped him make a ramp out of plywood for his skateboard.  He was pretty excited about it, and even tried to give Grandpa $10.00 for helping him and the materials.  I thought that was really cool.  Of course, Jeff didn't take it...but he's been taught well!