Sunday, October 30, 2011


Before the retreat, I went to Twin Falls and visited "Scrappin' Girlfriends".  I love going there.  If you are ever in Twin Falls, Idaho, you should check it out.  They have tons of inspirational items around the store.  And they let you take photos if you are buying the stuff to make any of it.  I love that!  So often, I buy the stuff and then when I get home (six months to a year later) I can't remember how it was put together.  Anyway...they had this awesome ribbons for .25 a yard.  I was buying some, and she asked if I knew how to make it!  You just wet it and scrunch it up and let it dry.  Then it's crinkled and great looking.  I bought a bunch and crinkled it and then cut a couple of yards of fall colors to put in the welcome bags for the retreat.  I sure hope everyone liked it.  I sure love, love, love it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A few photos

This is just a photo of dill in my mother's garden.  I think I was working on the "days of summer" photos or something like that.  I know I really enjoyed doing the challenges that Ashley came up with and would sure like to start something again.  It makes me get the camera out and "think and play".

Mesa Falls on one of our drives.  It was just so beautiful.

Again...down in mom's garden.  I was taking photos...but eating all of the ones that were ripe.  I think she was gone, or I probably would have been in trouble!

This is some queen ann's lace on our way through to Mesa Falls.  Sometimes I take some great photos and then never do anything with them.  Just thought maybe I'd share a few.
Last night my good friend Liz came over and spent the evening crafting with me.  Thanks....what a treat.  It's been awhile since I've had someone come over and work with me.  Loved the time together.
I've been sewing like crazy, trying to finish my quilt top. I'm getting there...finally.  I have the center done, the middle border, but it seems to be bigger than it's supposed to be, so I've quit for the evening.  I'll hit it again tomorrow night.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Recipe books for gifts

 I'm only showing one recipe.  I included several with each book and extra page protectors so they can add their own favorite recipes.

 This was the first book I made.

 Number 2.
Number 3.

This is what it looked like once I had put it in a gift bag and put the apron with it.  It's always nice to fill it in with tissue paper.

Hopefully you can tell there is actually three different recipe books.  I made these to give as gifts.  A couple went to girls that live in our neighborhood, and I included some muffins tins with one, and pizza pans and a cutter with the other one.  The last one, went to my nephew's daughter who got married a couple of weeks ago.  I made her an apron to go with hers.  She acted pretty tickled with it...I sure hope so.  I just love her!  These are such fun things to make, and I hope the people that get them like them as much as I love the ones I have.

Monday, October 17, 2011

rag quilts

Here are some of the flannels that I'm using to make rag quilts for Christmas this year.  It's the last year that I'll be making them.  These are all for the boys...can you tell?  Hopefully they'll like them.  I'm sure it's not the most exciting thing they'll get, but...I don't want to leave them out.  I'm hoping they can take them outside to play with or wrap up in at the games.

Last of the exchange cards I received in Sept.

Well, this is the last of the cards I received in the exchange, and I know they aren't in order...but I've tried moving them around and it hasn't worked out. you go.  You'll just have to enjoy them and piece together the detailed photos with the card.  Sorry!  I hate it when I can't seem to get things where I want on here.  But, you can still enjoy seeing the ideas.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

September exchange cards #2

I thought this last card was super cute.  It's really thick though, so I'll make sure to give it to someone in person...not try to mail it.