Friday, May 29, 2009


I went to my first granddaughter's graduation Tuesday I really that old? I can't believe Brittney is 18 and graduating from high school. I remember very well, when Stephanie called to tell me that she was pregnant. I was 41, and thought...what? I'm going to be a grandma? I hated it! I couldn't believe she was doing this to me. And I was kidding myself that I wasn't getting OLD. Well, after she was born and Danelle and I flew out to Okalahoma to see her...that all changed. I was so proud to be a Grandma. And I haven't looked back since. I would love to post some of Britt's pictures from when she was little...she was such a cute thing. And stilll is beautiful. I love how she always hugs me and tells me she loves me. She's always been so loving. She looked absolutely radiant Tuesday. Thank you Nelson's for the wonderful dinner and for letting us share that special time. I was excited that Brittney's grandfather came from Oregon, her Greatgrandmother, her aunt's and was awesome. Congrats!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oregon Vacation

Jeff and I went to Oregon on Friday. We left Boise early that morning and drove to John Day, and then up over several passes to Pendleton. We spent the night there, and then drove to Hood River the next morning. That afternoon we took the scenic drive around to Mount Hood, which still had tons of snow. We saw people hiking up to snowboard or ski was beautiful with the sun shining on it. The next morning we took the scenic drive to see all the waterfalls. It was alot of hiking for a couple of old fat people. But they were spectacular. On Monday, we drove across the Columbia to the Washington side and drove into Vancouver. Everything was so green and lush, with tons of flowers blooming everywhere. We checked into our room in Portland, and then drove up towards Mt. St. Helen's. We didn't get real close, but what gorgeous scenery. When I got to the airport on Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m., I found out that I had accidently made my flight for 7:30 pm not am...with Brittney's graduation that night, I was so upset. All the flights were full, and finally she told me she would put me on stand by for the 6:30 flight if I could make it through security, and if they had an empty seat. It was almost 6:30 when I got through security, and ran down the concourse. When I got to the gate, she did have a seat for me. The plane was totally full. I was sooo lucky to make it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

And now for the GrandSONS

These boys had a great time playing together while Robin was taking photos. Treven was having so much fun he didn't want to slow down for pictures. We didn't get too many of him. Chris and Taylor were somewhat co-operative when we got to my mother's. I think Robin had to bribe them...

And more of that baby

Isn't she the most precious thing you've seen? Danelle took her in for her two month checkup on Monday, and she weighed 9lbs. 10 oz...already! She has doubled her weight in just two months. She's lifting her head and smiling when you talk to her already. Danelle tells her she isn't very lady like though...she has gas alot. She hasn't learned to laugh at it yet though. Treven is still trying to teach her things, and watches out for her all the time.

Had to share more photos

I just want to share more of the awesome photos that Robin took.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I have the most beautiful granddaughter's around, and I'm so very proud of all of them. Robin and the boys came down for the weekend, and we had a little photo shoot. It was great fun, and if she doesn't mind, I'll be posting more pictures soon. My mother made cinnamon rolls for the boys and that was special also. What a great time.

New pictures of Ellie

I have new pics of my grandbaby!