Saturday, June 27, 2009


Finally, I am feeling like my old self. And "OLD" is the operative word here. Monday is my birthday, and I'm turning "OLD". My kids are throwing a birthday party for me on Sunday evening, which is going to be least I hope. I hate it when people do these things, because you always worry...will anyone even come? Does anyone care enough? Well, I've heard from a few people. Robin and the boys are coming. Tori says she is coming. Darin said they were coming. I'll actually believe it when it gets here, but it's cool if they do. Seems a little weird to have them make a long trip like that...just for me, but I'm excited to see them all. I really don't even mind having a birthday...I guess.
Yesterday I took the day off, and tried to get internet on Reta and Vern's computer. They have Windows 98 and someone has uninstalled Dial up network. She can't find her disk, and I thought I had one, but it was an upgrade...which wouldn't work. Since Microsoft doesn't support 98 anymore, we're pretty much out of luck. I don't think they can afford to purchase a new computer either. So...PMT thought they may have a disk somewhere, but that involves unhooking everything and taking the harddrive into them...maybe we'll get it one of these days. Then I had lunch with mom and Doris, and then we spent the afternoon stamping at my house. Doris came for the birthday dinner, and it's awesome to have her here. I went down to mom's last night and helped her weed her flower bed and trim some rose bushes. She gets so tired working out there anymore that I worry about her.
Today, Jeff & I are going to drive to Jarbidge and see how it looks after the big fires last year. The waterfalls should all be running well. They say that all but two reservior's are full this spring. They are letting tons of water out of Palasades. The boat regatta is this weekend, and the river is so high, I think they'll have some trouble.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping in the rain

Jeff went to North Heglar to ride bikes with his family on Friday...but I had to stay and work. It was pretty slow and boring too! Anyway, by the time I got off work and he came home to drive the trailer up, it was raining. But it quit when we got in the mountains surprisingly. Saturday morning though, by the time we had breakfast, it was raining...and pretty much didn't stop the whole day. Everyone packed up and left except for Vern, Reta, Jeff, & I. Sunday morning it was clear and we thought we'd eat breakfast and then ride bikes. We rode up one hill...took a look at the black clouds rolling in, and decided we'd better just pack up and get out while we could. It was a mess. Jason and the kids came up on Saturday though, and we hung out under a couple of tent awnings that Jeff & I took up...thank heavens. We even did dutch oven cooking under them. Jason did potato's, polled pork, and rhubarb/strawberry cobbler. Grandpa Wood made homemade ice cream...which is normally soooo wonderful. But in the cold, it just about made me start shivering. But, it was so yummy...Danelle didn't make it up due to the weather, but we didn't really even miss the salads we had so much food. Ellie has been sick, and she didn't want to have her out in the cold and rain. I'm glad she didn't come for that reason, but we missed her and the kids. The kids just didn't get enough of riding the 4-wheelers, so we're thinking we'll do another family get together real soon. Sammy wants to ride alot!
One bad thing happened though. Thursday night when we were getting the bikes all loaded and the trailer all packed, I backed the Yukon out of the garage, and broke the side mirror on the driver's side. Makes me so mad at myself when I do those kinds of things. Driving it home yesterday, the mirror kept bouncing around until it about made me sick. I had to put my hand up and block my view of it. I'll bet it's going to cost me a couple of hundred bucks to get it fixed. Boo!
Danelle invited Jeff & I up for dinner last night for Father's Day. It was soooo good. She had salmon and also shrimp (which I loved) corn on the cob, garlic red potato's, green salad, and a yummy dessert. They gave Jeff some lottery tickets and he actually won $18.00...I played the Wii with Treven..we boxed...and today my arms are sore. I'm such a wimp!
Steph, Dave & the girls came over and they brought a movie and all kinds of treats for Jeff. I'm so glad that my kids think alot of him and treat him so well. It's great. All in all, it was a great weekend.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday, Jeff, his brothers, Steve and Ken, and his dad went 4-wheeling for the day. I didn't really feel like doing much of anything, so I drove up to Danelle's and spent the day holding Ellie. Wow, has she been growing. She weighs 13# now, and laughed outloud last Sunday. She usually doesn't sleep very long at a time, but she slept almost two hours while I held her and rocked her. It was fun. Treven built a fort out of the cardtable and his comforter. He had alot of fun with that. He has a very large stuffed moose, that in the course of the day, he dressed, said he was his brother, and named him Jack! What an imigination that kid has. I was happy to see how their whole family gets along so well, and works together. Makes me happy to see that. I was very impressed with how gentle and loving Treven is with Ellie. You can tell he just loves that baby.
Last night, Jeff, Steve, Reta, Vern, and myself went to dinner together at the Upper Crust. It was nice to visit with them and enjoy some time together. Steve doesn't get up here all that often with the farming he does. It was raining in Utah too though, so he couldn't bale hay.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. Last Friday night, I woke up with the chills around 12:30 p.m. and could NOT quite shaking for over an hour. It was so bad, that I was beginning to think I was having a seizure or something. Finally, with extra blankets and Jeff holding me, I calmed down. Then, I started to sweat. I thought I would die. So, with the sinking feeling that it could be a kidney infection again, I ran to town first thing and bought several containers of cranberry juice. I didn't feel good all day Saturday, and mostly just sat around...but on Sunday, I couldn't even get out of bed. If I did pull myself up, it was right back down. I slept most of the day. By Monday morning, Jeff was insisting that I get into the Dr. Dr. Graham wasn't sure, but leaned toward swine flu...swine flu??? I couldn't believe it. But then the nurse brought in the results from the urine test, and he gave me the verdict. Kidney infection...I thought I would not have this trouble again, and I was very disappointed. In the early 80's, I had so many kidney infections, that I ended up in Salt Lake at the University hospital for kidney surgery. I never want to go through that again. This is really the first bad one I've had since then. Dr. Graham did give me some pills though, that he said were as good as putting me in the hospital. Today is my last one, and I hope it has cleared everything up. I did not come to work until yesterday, and then only made it until around 2:00. Maybe today I'll make it all day. Anyway, I know one thing for sure. What would any of us do without family to support us? Jeff's parents came over on Monday and vacuumed and dusted, brought chicken noodle soup for me, Reta took me to the Dr...then my mother got home from Montana late Monday night, and showed up first thing Tuesday morning to see what she could do to help me...The girls all called to offer help. What in the world would I do without such an awesome family?