Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May exchange card #3

Well, this is the 3rd of my "beautiful background" cards.  It's okay, but nothing spectacular.  I always want everything I make to turn out wonderful, and sometimes...they just fall short of the mark.  Like I don't care of the color, or the design, or something doesn't quite stamp right, etc.  I can always find things wrong with everything I make.  But I do have fun trying, so I just keep at it.
Tonight Liz came over and spent the evening with me.  She worked on some "family" letters, and I made the last of my "flowers" for the exchange.  I'm all ready to ship them off tomorrow.  Hopefully everyone likes what I made...but again...I could find fault with all of the things I made.  I showed Liz how to make the coffee filter flowers tonight...which I did like.  Also, the cupcake liner ones...she liked those.  It was a great evening, and I loved every minute of it.  It's so nice to enjoy someone's company and be crafty together.  Thanks for coming Liz.
I'm posting this tonight before I go to bed, because I need to get up way early and head into work and try to catch up.  Today I just kept getting further and further behind.  And only two days off...I hate it.

May exchange card #2

 I embossed the background in brown, and then used the Tim Holtz blender to add the colored sky (after masking the stamp).  I actually quite liked the way it blended the shades and made it look like a sunset.  I may have to do more of this.  I also layered several pieces to add some depth.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May exchange cards #1

This was the first card I made for the theme of "beautiful backgrounds".  I couldn't decide if it meant to use beautiful paper (backgrounds) or stamps that were backgrounds.  So this first one, I used paper and the rest of them, I used stamps.
I'm back from Portland and hate the thoughts of going to work tomorrow morning, has to be done I guess.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Friday, May 25, 2012

purses again

I believe this is the last of the purses, but you can see why I had so much fun sewing them up.  Aren't they ALL just sooo cute?  I loved them all.
Now...on to more fun things.
Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Retreat purses

Again...every color group became my favorite as I finished them.  When they were all done and in a stack...I just couldn't decide which was the best.  Loved making them all.