Monday, February 23, 2009

Rain....go away

I know we need rain, but I'm already sick to death of MUD. The driveway to the shop is so bad, that I almost got stuck Thursday night. I drove in to feed the cat, and was going to back out and park in the house driveway, but had to stop for a vechile coming down the road, and almost couldn't get going again. I always wish we could afford to pave or concrete those huge driveways, but then it dries up, and I just don't think it's worth the money. If someone would come by and give me a bid during the MUD season, I'd probably sign right up.
Club was fun. Janell has had some really cute things to make, and I always enjoy myself. My sister Margene even went with us this time. Thanks Jan, for the cute things and the treats!
I actually finished sewing the Trip Around the World quilt this weekend and even got the back ready. Tonight my mother said she'd help me get it on the quilt frames and tie it. Then I just have to bind it and I can get it sent off. It turned out pretty enough that I wouldn't mind making another one pretty much like it. When I only took half of it out to show Jeff, he's pretty, but I could tell from the way he turned up his nose he didn't really like it. But when I got the entire center finished, he really liked it.
Saturday I went to the Flapjacks for Fireworks breakfast in Rupert. Jason said they planned for about 500 people, and it looked like they'd end up serving over 700...he was jacked. It was a pretty dang good breakfast too. When I got home, we loaded up all the supplies and headed up to Danelle & Gary's to help do the electrical in their garage they're converting to Treven's bedroom/play room. Gary helped Jeff with that while I helped Danelle in the house, and the afternoon just flew by. We did get done, so we didn't have to go back on Sunday. I made some sympathy cards and cleaned and did laundry on Sunday. One of my neighbors just died in her sleep Thursday night. She was born with a heart defect, and knew she could go at anytime. She was just 55, but she got married a few years ago, which she didn't think she ever would, and has been so happy. Her husband said she was totally relaxed and didn't look like their was pain for her at all. Which, if you have to go...what a way to go. Hope I can do that when it's time.
Thanks Robin for changing my design...I never know how to do it. The next time you're down, maybe you'll have to spend some time teaching me now that I finally have internet....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So much to do...

It seems like I never have enough time to get everything I want to do, everything I need to do, and everything Jeff wants me to do, done. Where is the organization skills that I used to posses? Did I lose them along with my memory? Seems like this "golden age" isn't what it's cracked up to be. Okay. I have been getting some things done recently. I posted some of them. I have almost one doll dressed now, but I hate sewing without patterns. What I picture in my mind, isn't always what I end up with, so I get discouraged and then I just keep ignoring it...laying there, all pink and white ruffles and netting...and I just don't want to work on it. So, I finished my exchange cards...I'll try to take some photos of them and post it. Opps...I can't. I already delivered them to Janell. But, trust me, they were sort of cute. This weekend, I took all the fabric out of my BIG walkin closet and started going through it. I threw tons of scraps away. What was I thinking? That I...Lois...would piece a quilt with 1" and 2" pieces of material? Get real. I'm doing good to make a quilt top at all. Anyway, the whole point was to put together the same colors (red, green, blue, etc) so that when I decide to make a quilt, I can just go through colors that would work, and not have to dig through the whole closet. I hope it keeps me from just going and purchasing everything for a quilt, and never using up what I have. I thought it worked pretty well for my cardstock and patterned paper, so maybe it would work for fabric. I started cutting a trip around the world out last night, and it was awesome. I picked red/white/blue and had almost enough of everything for 12 different patterns of fabric. When I started cutting though, I was short on two types, so I'll just pick those up tonight on my way home from work and get busy...yeah! My SIL's daughter's wedding is the 14th of March, so I'd better hurry with it.
I am finally feeling better. My cold lasted about 5 days, but I've been drug free for two days now so I think I'm recovering. Of course, the 5-6" of snow we had this morning isn't helping. What an icy mess. Hate driving on such slick roads.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Surprise...we finally have internet at home. Friday afternoon, SafeLink came out and we got wireless internet. We can get on every computer in the house at the same time...and it's fast. I can't believe it! Jeff and I are both thrilled. We've been busy surfing since then. Neither one of us seem to get enough. Now I can actually post from home. It will be so much easier. Thanks...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catching up

I have been on zoom this week, trying to finish up projects. I have finished the retirement book for Georgia...she retired in September...put the binding on a wall quilt that's been laying there for about three years now, made two receiving blankets that were cut out and had laid on my table forever, gone through about two years worth of magazines and cut out what I wanted. I'm giving the rest away. I went through my paper scraps and cleaned it up. I am covering a couple of tins to put valentine cookies in now. I've finished all my layouts for the 2006-2007 album. Thanks Robin for doing almost my last one...which I Now, I've got a card made that I'll be teaching next week for my niece, and all the parts & pieces ready for that project. I'm down to dressing those dolls...which I can't seem to find patterns for. But...I will be doing something with them starting next later...even if I have to make my own.