Thursday, October 29, 2009

More layouts from retreat and my rag quilts

These are the three rag quilts that I have finished. I still have so many to go...I'm thinking I'm crazy.
This is the fabric for Lindsay and Mikayla's rag quilts. Lindsay wanted her school colors, so her's is the red/black/white fabric. Mikayla chose the aqua colors.

Braquel chose the purple colors, and the pink is for Kaylin. I also got the fabric for Britt' and brown. I think it will be really cute with the appliqued flowers on it.

These are more star albums that I have made to give to the girls when we go shopping. I think they all turned out sooo cute. I'm excited to give them away.

One more layout that I made at the retreat. This was the snow storm we had the first of October last year. We had 18" of snow here...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More projects from the retreat

This was a page showing my mother, Jeff's mother, myself, and Sally dipping chocolates last December. We've been doing it for 3 or so years now, and love it. Sally said she really feels special because we do it with her. This day, Sammy went running down the hall and said..."What are those three grandma's doing here?" I think he was half afraid we were moving in or something.

I know that I already posted some of the pages I made in an album of Ellie...but I love how it turned out. I also got the other one made for the lady that works with Janell.

This is my "star" album that Robbin showed us how to make. I really love it. I made a Halloween one to put the extra photos from last Halloween. It turned out awesome too. I will keep posting my layouts. I have several more done, but I'll spread them over several days so you don't get bored looking at them.

Danelle challenged us to post some of the things we accomplished, or at least started, at the retreat. It made me get out some of the layouts that I started while I was there, and try to finish them. I have most of them done, but still have a couple that I still need to do some work on also. But, I'll start posting some of them. Hope you enjoy. I love scrapbooking and never, ever, get tired of doing it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Finally. I had to write a nasty (well, maybe more frustrated) email, but someone from BossKut called and emailed me and helped me get my cutter going...finally. I really appreciate the help from Terri. Doubt she'll ever see this, but it does seem to be working now. We had to reload the driver, and then it took off. Two or three months ago, I told Jeff, I'm to the point of uninstalling it and reinstalling it, in the hopes it would work. Guess I should have followed through. Anyway, I'm excited. I've cut some ovals, hearts, words, gears, etc. Now I'll watch some tutorials and I'll be on zoom.
Jeff says he is done with the hunt! Yeah...actually, I don't really care how long he hunts. He enjoys the time with his father more than anything else. They saw a doe and a couple of fawns yesterday, and five moose today, but no bucks. I think the deer have been mostly eaten by cats and coyotes. There sure doesn't seem to be many left.
Got another rag quilt finished...only about 8 more to go...

Monday, October 19, 2009

One more quilt done

This is the latest quilt that I have done for my grandkids. We quilted on it when we went to Soda Springs to see Doris, and I got it bound while I watched the BSU/Tulsa game on Wednesday. Yellow isn't my favorite color, but I thought it turned out pretty.
Yesterday I got to keep Ellie all day. Danelle and Gary took their kids to Lagoon, and since Ellie has had a cough, they left her with me. She was soooo good. I had a great time with her. And it sounded like they all missed her and wished they had taken her, but I think they all had a good time.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New projects

This was my next project. Treat jars for Halloween. I bought the empty jars from our local scrapbook store (they come with flowers in them) covered them with paper and ribbons and filled them with treats. We don't get many treat-or-treaters clear out here, so I won't have to do too many more. Enough for my grandkids and my nieces and nephews kids. Usually we don't even get 25.

Jeff is gone hunting, so I always try to get some projects done while I have some time to myself. I started making some star albums to give the girls when we go on our annual shopping trip. They are really turning out least I think so. Here's some of the papers I'm using.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm BACK...and it was awesome

The retreat was just as blast, and I actually got quite a bit of stuff done. It was fun to teach Stephanie and Marcy how to embroidery. Steph knew, but hadn't done it since she was about 11 or 12. When I talked to Steph on Monday morning, she almost had her's finished. It was so much fun visiting and laughing and cooking. And "ghost's" were abounding.

One of my projects was to scrap some photo's of our newest baby girl, Ellie. I had the cover and then put together some 6x6 pages. Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?

Ellie was the only baby that came. She was just so friendly and happy to everyone. They all just fell in love with her. But the best part of the weekend, was that she decided she liked me...every time she came close to me, she would reach for me and give me hugs...even a few kisses.
On Sunday, Danelle called to ask if I could keep her next Sunday while they go to Lagoon...I'm thrilled. Can't wait. I may have to have a photo shoot myself.
Jeff & his dad left for hunting yesterday morning for several days. I'm working on projects, but I can't go without sleep like I used to. Dang...I won't get nearly enough done.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ready to go

I'm all packed and keep running in my room to see if there's anything else I just can't live without. Know what I mean? Jeff said it's too bad I couldn't just back up and pull my room with me...good idea! Maybe an enclosed trailer that I could make into a room? Sounds good huh? I take so much and there's always things I wish I had.
I am not looking forward to next week though. Jeff will be gone for 10 days. It's not that I don't want him to home I'm fine. It's the work load at work that I'm not looking forward to. There's been so much to do lately that I just can't get caught up. Oh well...after a relaxing weekend I should survive. I WILL survive...I hope.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One more day

I am so ready for a few days of rest and relaxation...can't wait. I only have to work tomorrow and then I'm off for a couple of days. Heading out for a little break. I'm soooo ready for it.
Jeff's father turned 85 today, so we went for dinner with them tonight. They are such great in-laws. I really love both of his parents. His father called and left a message on the answering machine, thanking us for the gift and for taking them to dinner.
Jeff & his dad are planning on leaving Monday for hunting. Jeff claims they won't come back until the 21st...I can't really believe they'll stay that long, but if they do, I sure hope they enjoy their time together. At 85, I can't imagine his father making too many more elk hunting trips. Jeff loves to hear the stories that his father tells from his childhood, growing up in Driggs. I love to hear them also, and keep thinking we've got to get them recorded. I've made a few notes, but it would be awesome to video him telling them. I don't think he'd let us do it though.
The snow has melted, and it has warmed up a little. I am not thinking I'm anywhere near ready for winter, but it sure feels like it's coming.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

No photos

I don't have any photos to load today, but just a quick update on what's been happening around here.'s been sooo busy. Lot's of quotes and problems to deal with, and I am trying really hard to get caught up so I can take a couple days off next week for the retreat. I'm getting really excited about that. I loaded a couple of tables from Jan's today, and three big boxes. Two full of the baskets we're giving away as a welcome gift, and one of SU stuff for Doris. She's going to drive over from Soda and pick them up. Janell has a bed covered with boxes to take. I'm not sure we'll be able to fit it all in. I may have to buy an enclosed trailer so I can haul STUFF to retreat's.
Robin and the boys came down yesterday to take Braquel's senior photos and a Jone's family photo. It was sooo cold though, that they didn't get many family ones. Ellie has been sick, in fact, the whole family has been sick, and she was too miserable to get many shots. Robin thought they got some good ones though. I can't wait to see them. She is hoping to have them done to bring to the retreat.
Robin wanted to go to Twin to Scrapp'n Girlfriends, so I went down with her. It was Octoberfest in Twin, so they had a couple of blocks closed and were selling wares and food down them. We went to Girlfriends and to Tiffany Square. The girls at Girlfriends are always so friendly and great to help with idea's and showing us things to make. They let you take photos of projects which is helpful when you're trying to "copy" an idea. I always get so much inspiration when I go in there. I love going.
I finished my recipes for the retreat this afternoon, and then rode out to Jeff's parents with Jeff to pick up our "Boat". A few years ago, we bought a refrigerator for his parents in exchange for the "boat". We have never used it, but his dad wanted us to put it in the shed to keep it from getting water in it and freezing this winter. We have also commited to buy their motor home from them and they're throwing in his pickup his pulls it with. A '74 Chevy. The cool thing about it though, is that it has a 454 engine in it...that could be good! Anyway, we're getting way to much "stuff"...
On a sad note, Lynn's brother passed away on Thursday morning. He did get to go down to Utah last weekend and see him though. I guess his service will be on Tuesday. Seems like we've lost alot of people lately. My heart goes out to Lynn and his family. Also to Jennifer and Troy with the loss of their father. It's hard to lose a loved one no matter when or how.