Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lindsay's hat

I'm sure you are all getting tired of seeing the hats I've been making, but I'm having sooooo much fun.  I made Lindsay one in her school colors.  Since she's a cheerleader, I thought she might one to wear to football games.  I found the prettiest red in a Vanna White yarn. I didn't know what I was going to make, but when I thought about Lindsay's school colors, red/black/white...it was perfect.  I dropped it off to Steph Saturday on our way home from Boise, and I had a text message from Lindsay yesterday morning...
"Thanks for the hat...I luv it!"
I called Steph and told her that made it all worthwhile, knowing she liked it.  Steph said she took it home on Saturday afternoon, Lindsay put it on, and wore it all night.  I think she liked it!

The whole hat looks black in this photo, but it's really red.  I thought the flower even turned out super cute.  I made up my own flowers...and I'm getting better at them. 

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Danelle said...

I love the hat! I'm sure Lindsay did, too!