Saturday, September 11, 2010


In an effort to use up scraps, I usually try cutting patterns that work together in card size...put them together and then when I have time I'll stamp some things to finish up some cards.  I send alot of cards out to men since I mainly work with them, and it seems like I'm always out.  So last weekend, I stamped some fishing items and tried to make a bunch.  I realize they all look alot alike, but I mail them out to different I don't really care.  And it uses up a few of the "many" scraps I have laying around.
There's even a couple of flowered cards in this photo.  I usually just make the card fronts from the scraps I have, and then decide what I could put on them.  That way, even if I only have a few minutes...I can make a card or two because the color combinations and the background is already done for me. 

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