Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Pictures

I had a call today from a friend, who asked...where are those baby pictures? I know, I'm been trying to load them, but had trouble. I gave up, but her call today made me realize I need to get them up so people can see how tiny and cute she really is. Of course, now she's already outgrown all of her preemie clothes. She is growing soooo fast. I just don't get to see her enough though.
Danelle says she loves to eat...all the time. She is already "spoiled", and wants to be held all the time. How can you resist? And with those sister's and a brother...what can I say. Treven just loves the girl. He told his mom, that she wouldn't ever get spankings. Danelle told him, well, when she grows up and she's naughty, she might. He said..."No, I'm going to tell Dad that I'll take all her spankings for her". How sweet is that? Of course, he may change his mind when it comes right down to it too.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lots of news

Yesterday, March 5th, I got a new granddaughter. She will be named Ellie Shea ( I think) and she only weighed 4 pounds and 11 oz. Tiny, tiny, tiny. But soooo cute. Danelle went to Twin, and was only in the hospital about a half hour when she was born. I have pics, but I won't post them until tomorrow probably. Anyway, they were both doing great and coming home today. It was so exciting. Treven was so thrilled. When he saw me at the hospital, he came running and jumped in my arms and hugged me really hard and said..."Today's the day Grandma". After she was born, he went right up to her and said..."Hi, my name is Treven, and I'm going to take good care of you". He kept talking about...when we get my sister home and all the things he's going to do with her. He told me he was going to play her favorite cartons for her...cuz he can read. It was a kick.

Here are some pictures of my exchange cards that I made for February. I think Janell put all of them on her blog too. Well, the very top one is actually one I made for March. I show all those later.

There's also the quilt I made for Mark & Tricia's daughter's wedding. It is next Saturday.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ready for spring!

I am sooo ready for warm weather and spring. Even with all the yard work I'll need to do and the cleaning up...I'm soo ready. This weekend we were going to take a drive to Salmon and spend a couple of days checking things out, but the wind was so cold, that we decided against it. We did go to Jerome and meet Steph for lunch which was fun. We don't get to see the Nelson's nearly as much as I would like.
I also spent some time crocheting on a baby shawl. I have a goal to make each one of my grandkids a quilt for when they get married, and a shawl (knitted or crocheted) for their first baby. It all began when I started knitting a circular shawl when I was expecting Danelle. I know...that was a long time ago. Anyway, I kept getting mixed up and I'd have to wait until Doris came down for a visit to figure out where I got off and tear it all out and get me going again. Finally, I finished it, but it was a year or maybe years later. So I decided that when Danelle had her first baby I would give it to her. Well, Braquel came into our lives, but I had totally forgotten the white knitted shawl. So...now it will be for the first baby Braquel has. So, I can't do that for one grandchild and not the rest, so I've been working on shawls for several years now. I need to get in the cedar chest and actually count how many I have. The trouble is, my thumbs are so full of arthiritis, that I have a really hard time doing hand work like this anymore. But, I started one on Wednesday, and if you know me, I have a hard time putting anything down like that. So I'm about half way finished with it. I'm just hoping I'm not short on one color of yarn.
I almost have the quilt done for Stephanie Ellsworth. I just have to sew the binding on it. I have it all cut and pressed though.
I have two sets of cards made for the exchange for March which is embossing...heat or dry. So far, I've used the dry.