Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's been way to long

I have been busy and just haven't taken time to write anything on my blog . It's been such nice weather for the last couple of days. I'm sooo for summer. This weekend, we spent lots of time outside working on the yard. We only got about half of it finished. Maybe not even half. I'm about to admit that maybe our yard is too big. Not.
We had snow again last week. I took pics. Thought maybe I would scrap the snow storms over the winter. Our first was the 10th of October with 18". Then the huge one on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Another one in Feb and March and ending (hopefully) with the one we got last week.
Braquel, my grand daughter, was crowned Princess at her Junior Prom on Saturday night. She was sooo beautiful. Red strapless gown, with long red gloves. Her hair was swept up and she just looked so gorgeous. Made me very proud.