Friday, October 22, 2010

More hats and more hats

 This is one of the hats I made for Darena.  She wanted one for her granddaughter and her grandson.  She bought the yarn, and I made this one first...and loved it.  Then I made a white with pink stripes and flowers.  I didn't take photos of it though.  I made a brown/dark brown/blue (2) for her grandson.  This week she came in and told me that some lady at the soccer game wanted to know if I sold them somewhere.  Maybe I'd better start marketing them.  They are super cute.  (Maybe I did take photos of the other three and just haven't downloaded them yet...we'll see)

 These are the three hats I made for Braquel to choose from.  She said she wanted brown like Mikayla's, but I hated it to be exactly the same.  So I made these and then took them into JB's today when I went for lunch.  She picked the light brown, and the brown/blue one.  She is such a cutie.  I couldn't resist letting her pick more than one.

I finally got some purple and gold ones made for Ivy and Natalie.  I dropped them off on our way to the retreat last Thursday morning.  Jason and the whole family was gone, but Vic (Sally's father) happened to be at their house, so he took them.  Sally is working at the tare lab for Amalgamated for a few weeks, so Jason is delivering kids before he goes to work.  Sunday they came out and they all gave me hugs and told me thanks.  Jason said they are wearing them non-stop.  It's exciting that the kids all seem to like them.  Whitney was even wearing hers when they came out.  Sam's was John Deere green/gold. Whitney' was the orchid one and Kylee's was green.  I've made so many, I'm beginning to lose track.

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