Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Jones' Book

I actually thought I had taken a photo of the cover, but I don't see it right off.  These are some of the pages out of the "project" we made at the reunion.  Danelle was in charge, and I thought they turned out soooo cute.  I was going to do photos I had taken of Larry & Kim's kids, but since the paper was red/pink, I didn't think the cowboys photos were going to be too cute...not that the photos aren't great...just not really a pink/red theme.  I used the photos from a shoot that Robin did for the Jones' and I thought it turned out super cute.  It's a paperbag book, and I was able to use about 14 photos on the pages, and then made a tag to go in each open end (of the bag) which let me use about another 8 or so.  One lady even put ribbon on one open end and put all her extra photos in it and then tied it shut.  Way clever idea.  Then all your photos are together.  Thanks Danelle for a great project and such cute grandkids!

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