Thursday, October 21, 2010


Here are the last five aprons I made.  Each one is different and I can never decide which ones I like the best.  I'm not absolutely sure what I'm doing with these yet.  I have six more cut out, and I know I'm donating some to the Christmas council, but I'm thinking I may give a few away for Christmas gifts also.  I'm excited to make the next ones, and post those also.
We picked up Jeff's elk meat last night.  Wow.  It was a big elk.  We gave half of it to his parents, filled a couple of shelves in the freezer, and will give some to the two son-in-laws that went with Don & Gary.  They got an elk also, but we thought we should share with the boys.  I'm not sure when we'll run that up to them yet.  Jeff and his dad went deer hunting today.  I sure hope they don't get anything.  This meat is way tooooo expensive for what you get, and I do NOT like cooking or eating deer.  Elk is just so-so.'s all about the trip.

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