Monday, December 20, 2010

The rest of the quilt photos

I suppose I should say that after working so long on these things, I never did take a photo of the complete quilt until this morning.  They were fun...once they were finished. 
I should have taken photos Saturday, and didn't think about it.  I worked with Dave most of the afternoon on his "Grinch" costume for Friday night.  OMG...I  have green fur all over my house.  It was all over the carpet, since we laid it on the floor to try and cut it out.  It was on the sewing table, on everything Dave and I had on, on the table, in the air...It was a mess.  Dave worked on his elf shoes, while I made the pants, a hood, gloves (with long fingers...which were extrememly hard to figure out) the red sweatshirt with white trim, and a cape for "Lindsay-Lou-Who".  Boy...we had NO patterns.  We just cut it out and went for it.  I don't think Dave was that thrilled with how it turned out, but I hope he's okay with it. 
You have to know Dave!  He goes all out for things, which I love about him.  He decorates for every holiday that comes along, and I mean DECORATES.  Jeff hates it...even when I do all the work, but Dave loves doing it.  I don't know how much it's cost him for this costume, but I know it didn't come cheap.  I'm getting excited for the whole thing, and hope it's a great Christmas Eve.  Dang...I wish I had taken photos of the journey.
After Dave left, (and he tried to pick up as much fur as he could from the carpet) I vaccumed, and had to empty it four times...trying to keep the fur from getting too thick in it.  I can't explain how EVERYTHING was covered in fur...everything!

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Robin said...

I got mine today!~~~ SO FREAKING CUTE!!! Thank you sooo much!!!