Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's a Wrap

Here are some of my packages that I've done so far.  I tried to include the homemade tags as well.

The tag on this gift was an idea that Robin gave me.  I've been making the hats and the flowers on them, and she and Danelle told me at the should make those smaller for us when we scrapbook.  So, I did.  I put them on a tag (also Robin's idea) and then put them on the packages for my "scrapbooker" kids.  I thought it was a fun thing!

I like using picks, ornaments, or decorations on my packages.  I usually go to WalMart or the dollar store after Christmas when everything is way discounted and pick up things I can use the next year.  It doesn't cost that much, but it adds alot.  Hope you have as much fun wrapping gifts as I do...Love it!
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