Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few more Grinch photos

 The Ahern family.  Janell was excited because all of her kids were actually home for Christmas this year with their spouse our soon to be spouses.  She said they were up WAY late playing games and enjoying each other.
 We were excited that Taylor and Christopher got to come this year.  I know it must be hard for Robin, but we sure love having them with us.  Taylor even let us take a few photos...
 Dave was so good as the "grinch".  Steph kept telling him he had to ham it up and be bigger than life.  Some kids loved him, while others were afraid of him.  This kid doesn't seem to mind him though.
 I couldn't believe Mikayla actually did her hair like this.  She said they put a bottle in the middle and then pulled her hair all up around it.  It was amazing...
We had a great time.  After the party, we all came back to our house to open gifts.  The kids are so good about waiting, because we only open one gift at a time so we can all see what everyone is getting.  Love our family.  They are all awesome.

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