Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sister's Retreat in SLC

We went to a place called Gardiner Village (I think) and they had all sorts of boutique style stores which was fun.  The one in the photo above was a fabric/quilt store.  We had tons of fun looking around there.  Margene saw a little dress that was really cute, and we really looked it over and made a few notes...then she got some fabric and came home and made it for the family auction.  It fit Ellie and Danelle & Gary purchased it.  It was perfect for her.

In a little knitting shop, they had these hats, and Janell and I bought the yarn for them.  They gave you the pattern for free when you purchased the yarn, but I finally got the size 6 circular needles, but they are too long, and I have found the right ones that project is on hold for right now.

This was another little project that Margene made for the auction.  Isn't it cute?  Danelle and Gary purchased it for Ellie also, and Kylee wanted it Margene is going to make me another one for her for Christmas.  Leslie is really handy to have along when shopping.  She carries scissors and a tape measure in her purse...

We ate at Archibald's and it was pretty good food.  This was on the outside.

We worked on all kinds of wood projects while we were there.  Sanding, painting, glittering, etc.  We all really enjoyed our time together.  Only problem was the room was a little crowded. 

We went to Ikea on Saturday morning...I was a little disappointed.  I'm always seeing posts about how they got this & that at Ikea, but I didn't think the quality was as good as it should have been.  Just saying...
We visited Hobby Lobby, the Wood Connection, Gyci, Ikea, Desert Book, Michael's, a quilt/fabric/scrapbooking store (can't remember the name) and tons of stores at the Gardiner Village.  Great trip.  Thanks to Janell for pushing us to do it!

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