Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last of the Colorado photos

This was in the little shop we purchased an ice cream cone Red Stone.  We loved walking around and it was the owner of this little store that gave us so much history of the area.  Did you know that at Marble (10 miles up the road from RedStone) they mine white (white) marble.  In fact, the Italians have come over and purchased the mining rights from them.  Marble for the Washington Monument and the tomb of the unknown soldier came from there.  It was fascinating to learn about it.

 The guy that started this town, was rich...he built a home for each employee.  They were exceptional homes too, and there weren't two alike.  The kiln's below were used to make "coke".  I guess they made charcoal and then used it to work the coal with.  There were probably 100 of these kilns.  More than I've seen anywhere else.

The streams were so pretty everywhere we went.  Like I've said before...I would love to do this drive again. 

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