Friday, August 1, 2014

Jaden's graduation party

Connor is such a cute kid.  He will be a sophomore this year, and is now 6'3-1/2" tall, and weighs 245.  He is lifting and working out for football season.  He changed schools this year, and will be going to Rocky Mountain instead of Centennial.  He made the varsity team, but because he is a transfer, he isn't eligible to play varsity.  He has to sit out a year.  But, the coach wants him to dress and sit with the varsity team for the experience.  He made the starting line-up before they had the hearing that decided he couldn't play varsity.  I guess too many schools were going out the recruiting kids just for sports...

They held Jaden's party at Rick & Lexi's home (in Rick's man cave garage) which was very nice.  Lots of room and it was great.  Jaylene had strung a lot of photos of Jaden from birth to her senior photos, which was really cute.  Even the large poster's you can see on the wall were Jaden's senior portraits.  We had a great time visiting with some of the people that we used to tailgate with and family. 

While we were in Boise, we ate at one of our favorite places....They moved a couple of years ago, and we actually thought they had closed, so we were excited to discover them again.  They make their sandwiches on pizza crust and they are excellent. 

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