Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exchange cards for November 2010

These are my exchange cards for the month of November.  The theme is "anything", and I just made whatever cards I wanted and used whatever I wanted.  I made these back in September when I went to Soda for a few days.  Doris likes to stamp and make cards while we're there, and after I finished my Christmas cards, I started doing the exchanges.  I have through December made, so I don't have to worry about them next month either.  They are done!
I have two of my little quilts ready to quilt.  I'm excited.  I have all but one (I lack some ribbon) sewn together.  Now I'm doing the embroidery work and then putting the batting and backing on.  Then of course, I have to quilt them.  I've never really done machine quilting before, but I guess I'll learn.  Then I will need to bind them...it's a long process.  But, I'm beginning to at least "like" them.  I thought they would be MUCH  cuter, but maybe I don't like them because I'm sick of working on them.
We've decided to go to Boise Friday for the Fresno game.  My A.B. rep was in today, and he has a friend with some tickets to sell.  Jeff called Darin, and he will give us "free"  "free" "free" tickets.  Connor also has 2 basketball games on Saturday, so we've decided to go and then stay over and watch him play.  Jaden is on crutches due to knee problems, so we won't get to see her play anything.  Not sure she'll be doing much of anything for at least awhile.

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