Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sports in Yuma

Had such a great time with the Ellsworth's.  Tricia showed us through the new high school where she teaches and supervises.  Tayler was practicing softball, but the coach wouldn't let us watch.  She conducts closed practices.  Afterwards, we went to dinner with Tricia, Tayler, Kaylin, and Tricia's friend Kathy.

On Saturday morning, Tayler played a scrimmage game.  She plays third base and catcher...and she's awesome.  After that game, we went with them to Phoenix to watch Kaylin play volleyball...a three hour drive!  Tricia coaches her team, and Tayler helped her.

Kaylin plays very well, and they won all three games they played.  We stopped on the way back to Yuma for dinner.  Our hotel messed up and instead of booking us for Friday- Sunday...they only put us down for Friday they called while we were in Phoenix...wondering why we hadn't taken our stuff out of the room.  When we got back about 1:30 AM, we couldn't get in with our keys.  Or into our room...even after they supposedly reset the keys.  It was a mess.  And the most expensive hotel of our whole trip.  Crazy.  I'm going to write an email to Fairfield Inns...

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