Monday, April 13, 2015


The LED snowflakes that were hanging on my front porch railing.  I loved them this year.  They would change from one light to another like they were falling.  Pretty cool.

The above photos were taken down to mom's.  We had a lot of snow, and I walked down to take a few photos.  This old pump is by her garden, and while my dad was alive, it worked.  I don't think anyone has taken time to work with it in recent years, which is really a shame  It's pretty cool though I think.

These photos were all taken at our home.  Including Jeff out shoveling the snow.  I love how the snow looks on our pine trees and the tall grasses.  Every fall I think I'll get them cut before winter, but never seem to.  And they look awesome with snow in them. I'm finding out right now, they are the pits in the spring.  It's hard to get them cut back because they're wet and full of leaves and generally a mess!  Next fall for sure...I'm cutting them.

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