Saturday, April 4, 2015

January Birthday Dinner

Every year my mother holds a birthday dinner the end of January for Danny and Margene's birthdays, and then in June she has one for Janell and I.  It's great.  The last couple of years, she has actually let us all help instead of fixing everything herself.  We had soups this year.  I made a "huge" crock pot full of taco soup, and there wasn't a drop left.  Plus Margene, Janell, and Kristine brought soups also.  Not much of anything was left.  I believe she said we had about 76 people show up.  In June it's usually more than 90...  it was great to have most of my family come.
Before the dinner, Lindsay and Stephanie came by to have me help Lindsay make a t-shirt quilt from all her cheerleading shirts.  We laid them out and sort of designed them after we cut them up.  Then I showed her how to use iron on pellon so they won't stretch out of shape.  Last time I talked to Steph about it, Lindsay almost had it all done. 
The photo below is of Jeff's nephew and his wife.  They live in Page Arizona and haven't been up to visit for years.  It was sure fun to see Justin and meet his wife for the first time.

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