Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Arizonia Trip

I was fascinated by all the different types of cactus everywhere.  Viki warned us of the "jumping Choes" (not sure how it's spelled).  It's a type of cactus that just clings to you if you walk close at all and is like porcupine needles.  You have to pull it out with needle nose pliers.  I stayed clear (WAY) of those.

Money was hanging everywhere with people's names and cities on it.  It was amazing how much was there.  I know in Florida when we went to a pub for lunch, they had the same thing and Uncle Jay said they had it insured for millions of dollars due to the cash hanging everywhere.

Ken & Viki took us out in their side by side in the desert.  It was such a kick.  We drove all over and ended up in Oatman for lunch.  This is an old town on the original Route 66.  They have wild burro's there, which are pretty much tame because they like the food people purchase and feed them.  You gotta watch where you're walking though...  We ate lunch there, and saw the room where Clark Gable & Carole Lumbar spent their wedding night (supposedly at least).  Anyway, it was a wonderfully fun day.

The next day, we went to the golf course they play all the time and played 18...Of course, it took Jeff and I a lot longer than it took them.  They were pretty patient with us though.  Another super fun day.  We bought them dinner then for Ken's birthday.

On Thursday we went to Kingman to the Harley/Polaris store.  Jeff & I were able to purchase some of the scarves they had to wear when we're out riding.  Keeps the dust out of my hair and out of his beard.  And in AZ they say there's a mold that us northerners aren't immune to.  Then we drove down to Lake Havasu to see some old cars, the London Bridge, etc.  We ate lunch there which was a challenge.  We ate outside and the birds nearly drove me crazy.
The locks were at the end of the bridge and I wasn't sure what that was all about, but Viki said people put them on the bridge as a show of their love...and some bridges were about to become unsafe due to the weight.  They finally cut all the locks off, and provided this for people to use.  It was just beautiful there that day.  We decided that maybe next year we'd pull the 5th wheel down and spend a few months there!

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