Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dressing Porcelain Dolls

Jeff's mother has helped me make some porcelain dolls (a long time ago) and I'm trying to finish up some I've been dressing them.  The last one, is actually Sally's and I'm finished except for finding some shoes for it.
The top one is an interesting story.  I found the dress, cut out and ready to sew, in the never ending basket...close to the bottom.   I know it's been cut out since before Jeff and I even got married.  I made the dress and Reta took it to put on a doll, but said it was too large.  She brought it back to me.  I found this porcelain doll in my closet and put it on her...put a wig on her...added flowers (thanks Robin) and presto...beautiful doll. 
I still have several dolls to dress, and I'm trying to finish them up, but it's not my favorite thing to do so it's taking me a while.  Plus, there are a couple that I still have to put together (with a cloth body) and I'm not even sure how to do it, may be awhile yet.  I'll keep you posted!

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