Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Blog Hop

 This was my first "glittery" project.  I wanted to put glitter on some chipboard snowflakes and then use them for my thank you cards.  I started with a big bag of chipboard flakes...I think I bought them from Oriental Trading a year or so ago.  Figured it was time to use them.
 Next, I painted each of them with mod podge and then sprinkled them with silver glitter.  They turned out quite pretty I thought.  After they were dry, I sprayed them with a fixative so the glitter wouldn't come off so easy.
 I made twenty of them...along with that many cards.  I used  most of them, and then I'll use five for the exchange this month.

I made this snowman a few years ago, but Tori gave us the glass blocks.  I love them.  I took down my Christmas decorations yesterday, and then put up this for the month of January.  
 This is the last project I did.  I wanted to put something up in my cubby hole in the dining room for winter.  Today I went out and cut the SNW from wood.  My scroll saw broke though, and I had to finish them with the band saw, which I'm not nearly as good at running.  Hopefully I can get a part to fix the scroll saw.  Anyway, I painted them white, and then covered a couple of letters with glittery paper.  I then mod podged the N and covered it all over with glitter. I used a big bell for the "o", but I think I probably need to glitter it or at least spray paint it white so it matches better...but, I knew I was already way late posting today, so I just took a photo.  I really like how it turned out though.

The blog hop is a lot of fun, and I would love it if more people would do it.  It encourages me to do a little extra something each month.  Check out Ashley and Danelle's blogs for more fun ideas!


MissJohnson said...

I think your snow word with the bell turned out really cute!!!

Robin said...

the snow is adorable!!!!~

Cinda said...

That is way cute. I even like the bell the color that it is. By the way I read your blog all the time and love it.