Friday, January 14, 2011

Ten things

I went to a website for a class tonight, and found something that was very interesting to me.  I would like to do it, and I'm going to write the ten things here for all of you.  Maybe you'd be interested in answering these also.  It may take me awhile to come up with the answers...but that's okay.  I can just picture a scrapbook layout with "me" as the star.  I never do layouts about me, but I think this one might be fun.
Here you go:
Ten: "esstentials" that I can not scrapbook without
Nine:  Words I love are:
Eight: Things that make me smile
Seven:  Things I love about my "everyday" life
Six:  Places I'd love to visit before I die
Five:  Things I do everyday- without fail
Four:  Websites/stores that I frequent
Three: Photos I love
Two:  Decisions I've never regretted
One:  additional & very important thing you should know about me

I can't wait to write these things down and record them for my kids and grandkids.  Maybe it's time to scrapbook some of the things that are important to me so they'll know me a little better.  Boy, would I love to have something like that from my mother, grandmother and further back.  Wouldn't you love to know what your great-great grandmother found important, what she did everyday, the work that was expected of her, her life in general?  I would give almost anything to know things like that.  We have very few stories or photos of my family of long ago.  Jeff has some books and life stories, but we've never had much of anything. 
I accept the challenge!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lois, this is a great idea, thanks for sharing it! I might have to give it a whirl, even if it's just a journaling type page?

PS Just so you know, I LOVE the new look on your blog but the white font is REALLY hard to read, not sure why but I even asked my friend and she said it strained her eyes. The blog looks great, its just hard to read your awesome writing!!!

XO Darla