Monday, January 24, 2011

Busy Sewing

 I have the chance to get another quilt done this year, so I jumped at it.  I still have alot to do before I have one done for every grandchild.  This time though, I had a very tough time picking a quilt pattern that I really liked.  I got out all my quilt books (this is a very small portion) and poured over them.  I picked my fabric, and still couldn't decide what to make.  But finally just went for it.
 I like this selection of fabric.  I bought it a couple of years ago, and just hadn't used it.  I've decided I really need to start using what I have stashed before something happens to me, and Danelle and Stephanie have to come and clean out my closets...they would wonder what the heck I was thinking...When I finally decided on a pattern, I had to go buy some background fabric anyway...a cream color.
 I went through several sheets of paper trying to figure out what to cut and how much and what order I wanted the colors to go in.  Making a quilt top is quite involved and takes alot of planning.  At least it does for me.  And even's a roll of the dice.
 Here are some of my pieces.  All labeled with the letter they represent.
 I started sewing blocks, and discovered that I cut twice as many as needed on some of them...I forgot that you sewed them and then cut them in I may be making another pinwheel out of these colors.
 Anyway, I have it put together except for two side.  All the pieced to the left.  I have the top and bottom on, and just need to do the same thing down the sides.  When it's all finished, I'll post another photo where you can see the complete pattern.  But I'm pretty happy that I got this much done. 
This Friday I'm having surgery on both wrists, so I'll be out of commission for awhile, and I wanted to get this done before then.  I also got a project done for the blog hop, so I'm doing pretty well.

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Robin said...

what a fun quilt!! I sure wish I was as talented as you at sewing!!