Monday, March 20, 2017

Challis- Friday Part 2

Here's a photo of the tree cut up and moved off to the side.  It was kind of weird.

After going to Twin Peaks, we decided to ride into the Frank Church Wilderness area.  Of course, motorized vehicles aren't allowed in there, but this road is outside (but inside) of the area.  It's actually goes to another lookout, but we've never made it clear over there yet.  We were going to this time, but after the burn a few years ago, there are so many trees starting to fall that the road was a mess.  Someone had come through and cut trees just enough for a 4-wheeler to get through, and our side by side is narrow enough, but has a longer wheel base, so we couldn't turn as sharp.  Steve pushed a hundred trees out of our way, I swear, but we eventually came to one we just couldn't get by.  So we went back to the pad for helicopters to land and ate lunch...then drove out.  Even the big snow drift above didn't stop us...I got out and took photos, and I thought Steve would slip down the side and over the edge, but he made it.  Then Jeff came through with the side by side and made it...I walked...big chicken that I am.

After we came out of there and headed back, we decided to try going to a new lake that Bill had found on google earth.  Talk about a rough ride.  We were almost ready to turn back when we met a local coming out from the lake...he had been fishing.  We assured us we were past the worst and it wasn't bad from there on in...lied.  But, it was pretty and the lake was gorgeous.

 Steve rode down to the lake, but we didn't take the side by side.  It looked really steep and narrow, but Steve said we could have made it.  Next year!

This deer was right next to our RV spot and we so curious. I sneaked out to take pictures by crouching down and she couldn't quite decide what I was.  She just kept looking right at me.

 This was the sunset that same evening.  It was so pretty.  We love that area.

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